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Impact Fax Broadcast is licensed by the number of Ports/Channels you would like to use with the software. There is 1 (one) User license included with each purchase of Impact Fax Broadcast, allowing for the installation of a single user on a single machine. If more than one user requires access to Impact Fax Broadcast, or if you want to install Impact Fax Broadcast on more than one machine, an additional license will be needed for each. On Terminal Servers, each TS User will need a separate license.**

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Impact Fax Broadcast Pricing

Number of Fax Ports/Channels Impact Fax Broadcast Home/Small Office Yearly Maintenance (Optional)
1 $299.99 $125
2 $399.99 $125
4 $599.99 $125
8 $999.99 $199.99

Additional configurations available, please call or email for details.

Impact Fax Broadcast Upgrade Pricing

Using an outdated version of Impact Fax Broadcast? Upgrade today and receive the pricing below! Upgrade discounts are based on your original purchase date.

Number of Fax Ports/Channels Original Price Less than 1 year (50%) 1 year or more (25%)
Single User $299.99 $149.99 $224.99
2 Users $399.99 $199.99 $299.99
4 Users $599.99 $299.99 $449.99
8 Users $999.99 $499.99 $749.99

Impact Fax Broadcast Add-on Pricing

Add more users to your current license. Additional discounts given at checkout!

Additional Fax Ports/Channels Original Price Add-one price
Single User $299.99 $124.99
2 Users $399.99 $249.99
4 Users $599.99 $474.99
8 Users $999.99 $899.99

Impact Fax Broadcast is priced based on the number of fax ports/channels that will be used. For analog fax devices, each fax port/channel is equivalent to a phone line. For digital fax devices, a T1 line is equivalent to 24 fax ports/channels, and E1 line is equivalent to 30 fax ports/channels. Licenses for Impact Fax Broadcast are for a single named user account on a single computer.

*Yearly Maintenance Subscription

The yearly Maintenance Subscription covers your Impact Fax Broadcast license for a year after your purchase date, and provides unlimited FREE upgrades during the year, as well as priority email technical support for the year. Maintenance is optional, even at the time of purchase, but is highly recommended. Purchases of Impact Fax Broadcast include 30 days of maintenance, which includes technical support and any upgrades (major and minor) released during that time period. You can convert those 30 days into a renewable annual maintenance contract by checking the maintenance subscription section in the Online Store. Protect your purchase and keep your software up to date!

To purchase via our Sales Office, complete and fax our End User License Agreement to 561-757-4109.

Currently paying a fax service for your fax advertising? See how quickly Impact Fax Broadcast pays for itself!

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