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Impact Fax Server key features:

Send Color or black & white faxes...or both!

Impact Fax Server can send and receive color or black & white faxes. When sending a color fax, Impact Fax Server can automatically detect the receiving end's fax capabilities and if the recipient cannot receive a color fax Impact Fax Server will automatically convert the color file into black & white to send to the recipient.

Automatic fax delivery/inbound fax routing/email delivery

Impact Fax Server can automatically route incoming faxes to a user's mailbox or to a particular printer based on a DID or DTMF number or the line which the fax was received on. Faxes can also be forwarded to one or more users or one or more groups, can be automatically printed to a network printer, stored in a specific folder, or delivered to one or more email addresses.

Send faxes from any application

With Impact Fax Server, users can send any file as a fax by simply printing the file to the Impact Fax Server printer, or can create a new message form one of the Impact Fax Server clients or any email client. Users can then select one or more fax recipient(s) from their Outlook Contacts or can manually enter fax numbers.

Receive faxes in TIFF or PDF format

Impact Fax Server can deliver incoming faxes to user’s as TIFF or PDF format. Users can view received faxes from any of the Impact Fax clients, including the Impact Fax Web Client, or can have received faxes forwarded to an email address.

Active Directory integration reduces administration

Impact Fax Server integrates with Active Directory and can import existing Active Directory users, eliminating the need to manually add and configure user accounts.

Supports multiple mail servers

Unlike many fax servers on the market, Impact Fax Server does not require Microsoft Exchange or any specific email server. Impact Fax Server can send and receive faxes for users on different mail servers. Impact Fax Server does not require any software to be installed on the mail server.

Robust & scalable multi-line fax server

Impact Fax Server is a powerful fax server solution which can scale up to 384 lines per fax server using fax boards or multi-port fax modems. For smaller installations, individual fax modems can be used as well. Impact Fax Server supports a wide range of fax hardware, allowing for advanced flexibility. Supported Fax Hardware

Junk fax filtering

Impact Fax Server includes a ‘junk fax filter’ that can auto-delete spam faxes on the basis of incoming fax number and/or identification string.

Allows you to send/receive faxes via your handheld or mobile

Using Impact Fax Server's email to fax and fax to email interface, email clients on handhelds PDAs and Pocket PCs can be used to send and receive faxes.

Supports Outlook Contacts

The Impact Fax Server Outlook Client allows users to send faxes to their existing Outlook contacts by simply choosing the "Business Fax" entry for one or more contacts from Outlook’s Contacts list.

Attach Microsoft Office, PDF, HTML and additional file formats

Impact Fax Server users can attach Microsoft Office, PDF, HTML and additional files to a fax or email form to be faxed. Attached files are converted to faxable format automatically by the Impact Fax Server.

Support for Citrix and Windows Terminal Server

The Impact Fax Server client can run on a Citrix or Windows terminal server, allowing all terminal server users to send and receive faxes from the Citrix or Windows Terminal Server system

Shared Network Fax Folder

Store all incoming faxes in a single folder to be shared and accessed across your network or workgroup.

Additional Impact Fax Server Features

  • 33.6K (V.34) Faxing - send and receive faxes at speeds up to 33.6K, allowing fax transmissions at up to twice the speed of a standard fax
  • Remote Administration - new dynamic menu structure, layout, and integrated help
  • Fax confirmation - When a fax is received by the Impact Fax Server, it can automatically send a confirmation fax to the sender to let them know the fax was correctly received
  • Assign fax ports to a user - all faxes received on a port can be sent to a specific user
  • Automatic fax hardware testing - detect installed fax hardware and check for dial tones
  • Globally change port settings - change port settings for multiple ports at once
  • Fax Priority - fax priority system allows faxes to be prioritized by the system administrator. Priority ranges can be assigned to different groups and users
  • Delete and sort queued faxes - queued faxes can be removed and sorted
  • Wide variety of supported fax hardware - Brooktrout, Dialogic and GammaLink Fax Boards, as well as any Class 1, Class 2, and Class 2.0 fax modem are all supported. Analog, DID, Digital T-1, E-1 and ISDN lines are all supported
  • Active monitoring and reporting - Impact Fax Server can send periodic e-mail or fax notification on system failure or containing system status information
  • Automatically print received faxes - option to print every incoming fax to a specified printer
  • Generate user statistics - generate user specific reports including number of faxes sent, cost and fax transmission time

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