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Tiff Viewer Features
Free Version
Full Version
General Features
Easily drag and drop files
View multi-page tiffs in thumbnails
View Image PDFs
view TIFF, FAX, RAW formats
view common image formats (jpg, bmp)
Optical Character Recognition
supported color depths: 1, 8, 24 and 32 bit
load images from web urls
file browser with thumbnails
go to next image in current directory
view multipage files
go to page
delete files
importing text file to the graphics
panning and zooming
custom zoom steps
fit screen width, height
scan images
batch scan
printing current page
printing all pages
save / save as (view details)
save or retrieve tiff documents from SharePoint® server
send email through the default mail client
send email using SMTP server
MSI installer is available for IT managers
TIFF Specific Features
Split one tiff file into two
Merge two tiff files into one
Rearrange the pages of a multi-page tiff
append images to TIFF
combining multipage files
insert page into multipage TIFF
delete page from multipage TIFF
add/modify TIFF tags
Supports several  TIFF compression type (Packbits, LZW, CCITT Group 3 and Group 4)
Image Processing
rotate image
flip image
invert image
copy/cut selected image to clipboard
undo last action
split image
cut image
crop image
Document Cleanup
clean image noise and isolated pixels
de-skew faxes and images
punch hole remover
removing black border
lines removal
Annotation Features
Load annotation
several annotation tools (view details)
burn annotation
save annotation
copy/cut selected annotation to clipboard
- Rubber Stamp
- Personalized Stamp
Stamp Modes
- Opaque
- White is Transparent (for signatures)
- Black is Transparent
NOTE: In the Tiff Viewer Free version, the user can apply the annotations on the pages, but the save option is not available.
Browser Plug-in
browser plug-in
display image
save image
save or retrieve tiff documents from SharePoint®
send email with default mail client
send email using SMTP server
print current page
print all pages
panning and zooming
invert image