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The IceViewer Core is a Web Application that runs in the background and allows users to view any TIFF or PDF document on the Internet or on the desktop in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. Depending on the license type the IceViewer Core can have different functionalities.

With an IceViewer TIFF license, the Iceviewer Core is ideal for processing single or multipage TIFF documents from browser-based medical applications and from the web. The IceViewer Core is commonly used for browsing and viewing, printing, annotating, editing and cleaning faxes, processing and printing digital documents, and more.

Using an IceViewer PDF license, one can seamlessly view, edit, annotate, search, print, and organize image or searchable/vector PDF documents, or fill out PDF forms, from browser-based applications and from the web.

If choosing the Pro edition of the IceViewer, the IceViewer Core also offers OCR and search functions besides the TIFF and PDF file format support.

View, Print, Annotate, Save, and OCR TIFF and PDF files right from your web browser

Seamless Installation

The IceViewer Core can be installed with the standalone IceViewer desktop application. Once the application is started from the desktop, it runs in the background and activates automatically when opening a TIFF/PDF document from the internet.

Install the IceViewer with the IceViewer Core and try it out for yourself. To try out the IceViewer Core, please click on one of the following links:

Annotate documents

Add annotations to TIFF and PDF documents using the IceViewer Core. Annotations are useful for adding additional information to documents or to emphasize or redact a specific part of the document. The IceViewer Core includes the following annotations: Signature, Comment, Text, Note, Highlight, Stamp, Insert Image, Redact, Arrow, Line, Ellipse, Rectangle, and Rounded Rectangle.

Why use the IceViewer Core?

The IceViewer Core comes with a variety of capabilities to process TIFF and PDF documents. The table below compares the features of the Core web application with different IceViewer licenses.

License Type IceViewer TIFF IceViewer PDF IceViewer Pro
Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge compatible
View, Print and Edit TIFF documents
View, Print and Edit PDF documents
Continuous scrolling between pages
Thumbnails for easy navigation between the pages
View multi-page files in Thumbnail Mode
Organize pages
Rotate page(s)
Annotate TIFF Documents
Annotate PDF Documents
Add Replies to Comment Annotations
Freehand drawing
View Vector/editable PDF and Image PDF documents
Fill PDF forms
PDF Document Outline, Bookmarks and Links
Export documents to PDF
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Search and redact search results in TIFF documents
Search in vector/editable PDF documents
Intelligent redact to protect sensitive information
Download documents
AI Assistant
Responsive User Interface
Fully Customizable User Interface
Embed the IceViewer Core to a website
Detailed logging
MSI installer is available for IT managers
Message Passing API, for developers

Which web solution to choose? The IceViewer Core, Browser Extension or the Browser Plug-In?

The comparison table below shows the main differences between the IceViewer Core, Browser Extension or the Browser Plug-In.

IceViewer Core Chrome / Edge Extension IE Browser Plug-In
Browser Support Chrome, Edge Chrome, Edge Internet Explorer
Easy Integration (IFRAME) Support YES YES YES
URL Parameter support for Easy Integration YES YES NO
Support Multi-Page Documents YES YES YES
OCR and Search YES YES NO
AI Assistant YES NO NO
Annotation Support Full Support for Viewing and Editing Full Support for Viewing and Editing Only Viewing
Open Files on New Tab YES YES NO
Open Files on New Window YES YES NO
Internet Connection Not Required Required Not Required
Installation Easy – Installs with IceViewer Intermediate – Installs with IceViewer, but users may have to enable it manually in the browser. Easy – Installs with IceViewer
Update to a new version Updates with IceViewer Partially updates with IceViewer, and partially from the Chrome Web Store automatically Updates with IceViewer
Large-Scale Deployment Easy – MSI Installers and parameters Intermediate – MSI Installers and parameters, and Group Policy settings for the extension installation Easy – MSI Installers and parameters
Uninstallation Easy – Uninstalls with IceViewer Intermediate – Uninstalls with IceViewer, but Chrome and Edge browsers must be closed and reopened to complete. Easy – Uninstalls with IceViewer
Technology The latest ASP.NET Core Web Application Chrome Browser Extension Legacy IE ActiveX Plugin
Environment Self-Running Application Inside Chrome / Edge Inside Internet Explorer

Supported Operating Systems


Windows 11 64 bit

Windows 10 32/64 bit

Windows 8.1 32/64 bit

Windows 7 32/64 bit


Windows Server 2022

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2012 R2 / 2012

Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop

VMware Horizon + ThinApp

VMware VCenter

Microsoft RemoteApp

Microsoft Hyper-V, Hyper-V VDI

* IceViewer Core requires Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.