Troubleshooting Downloads

If you have filled out a request for download instructions from our website and you are having trouble receiving an email containing download instructions, one of the following situations may have occurred. Please email with any additional questions or for any cases which are not addressed below.

AOL Users: You may be blocked from receiving messages due to the aggressiveness of the AOL email filtering system. You can make sure that you receive download information emails from Black Ice Software by adding to your address book and to you 'approved list'.

If you do not use AOL: Email settings, email filtering and other SPAM controls may result in possible mistakes blocks of the email containing Black Ice download information.

If you do not receive messages, Black Ice recommends that you contact your ISP to find out why you aren't receiving messages. Typically, you should be able to add to your address book "safe" lost or "approved senders" list. This will allow you to receive messages as you have requested.

Tips to avoid problems:

  • 1. Add to your "approved list".
  • 2. Use a POP3 account AND a web-based account. Contact Black Ice Software with your regular ISP email ID - POP3 - and a web-based account like Yahoo! or Hotmail.
  • 3. Let Black Ice Software know if you have trouble receiving our messages. Black Ice will make every effort to get you the information that you requested.

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