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I’m using Fax C++ ActiveX and when I compile one of the samples that can use the Brooktrout board, the sample grays out the option to open a Brooktrout channel.


To use Brooktrout channels, the system wants to load BTDLLS.DLL, which is a Brooktrout dll, but cannot find it.
This issue applies to all of our Samples (C#, VB, Delphi…).
There are several ways to solve the problem.
Here are three possibilities for these Samples to work properly:

1. Copy the BTDLLS.DLL from the ..Black Ice Software Inc\FaxVoiceCpp32\Bin to the directory where the sample application executable are (For instance next to the OpenFaxBoardsC#.exe).
2. Copy the current exe file (For instance the OpenFaxBoardsC#.exe) from it’s location to the ..Black Ice Software Inc\FaxVoiceCpp32\Bin directory, where the BTDLLS.DLL is.
3. Transcribe the PATH variable at Windows with the suitable directory that contains BTDLLS.DLL (For example D:\Program Files\Black Ice Software Inc\FaxVoiceCpp32\Bin).

After making any of these changes above the Samples will work properly.[color=red][/color][color=green][/color][color=red][/color]

Technical Support Team