Printing, Imaging, and Faxing Development Tools

    Imaging Toolkits

    Imaging Development Toolkits

    Display, print, manipulate, and process a variety of image formats.

    Available Imaging Toolkits

    TIFF SDK/ActiveX Base Imaging Toolkit for display, printing and manipulation of TIFF images and TIFF tags.
    Image SDK/ActiveX Includes all the functionalities of the TIFF SDK/ActiveX plus additional file format support, color space conversion, and more.
    Annotation SDK/ActiveX Add-on to either the TIFF or Image SDK/ActiveX, allows the addition of annotations to any supported image type.
    Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX Includes all the features of the above toolkits plus PDF reading/writing, over 60 powerful filters and effects, 300+ advanced printing functions, and also document imaging functionalities, such as punch hole removal, despeckling, deskewing, and more.
    Image PDF Plugin Enables reading and writing image PDF files, requires the Image SDK/ActiveX.
    Barcode SDK/ActiveX Enables the encoding/decoding of 1D and 2D barcode symbols.
    Fax Cover Page Generator SDK/ActiveX Add-on to either the Image or Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX toolkits, enables the creation of dynamically generated cover pages.

    Fax Toolkits

    Add Fax capabilities to a new or existing application.

    Fax C++/ActiveX (discontinued product) Add support to send and receive faxes to your application, including V.34 (33.6K) transmission speeds and color or black and white faxing. Supports a range of hardware from fax modems to intelligent fax boards.