Using the Data Matrix Barcode SDK / ActiveX Sample Applications
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Writing a Data Matrix Barcode

To create a Data Matrix Barcode (must have a DIB open), move to the menu item: Data Matrix --> Write…

Data Matrix String: Information to be encoded. May contain alpha-numeric data up to 3,116 Digits or 2,335 ASCII characters.

Cell Size: Refers to the height and width in pixels of each segment in the barcode.

Logical Quiet Zone Size: Is the buffer around the barcode. The unit of measurement is specified as the Cell Size above.

Left (X); Top (Y): Specifies the pixel coordinates where the barcode will be placed on the bitmap.

Rotation: Defines the orientation of the barcode.

By checking the Add Structured Append Info box, matrices may be created to link Data Matrix barcodes.

Data Matrix Index: Specifies the ID of the current Barcode and relates directly to the Total Number of Linked Matrices.

Total Number of Linked Matrices: The total end number of matrices to be linked.

Chain (File) ID: Numeric name for the matrix set.

Reading a Data Matrix Barcode

To read a Data Matrix barcode, navigate to the Data Matrix --> Read… menu item.

Minimal Cell Size: Should be no less then the smallest Cell Size value of the barcode to be read.

Minimal Quiet Zone Size: Equally cannot be smaller then the smallest Quiet Zone specified during barcode creation.

Sample Applications:

The DataMatrix Barcode SDK/ActiveX contains a variety of sample applications, which demonstrate the capabilities and features of the toolkit. The product is fully .NET compatible and also provides sample source code written in C#, VB.NET, and J# to demonstrate the powerful document conversion options.

Operating Systems Supported:

32-bit Windows Server 2003 family, XP, 2000, NT 4.0 and ME/98/95.

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