Remote Print to Local Faxing
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When Print2RDP is combined with an Impact Fax product, Terminal Server users can fax both local and remotely stored document with 2 clicks of a mouse!

How does it work?

Each Impact Fax product includes a printer driver, which converts any printed document into Fax format and automatically loads the document for sending. With a fax solution to suite any environment, remote users can enjoy the ease of faxing from their Terminal Server session directly through their local fax line. Once connected to a Print2RDP Terminal Server, Print2RDP will automatically create a virtual printer driver for the fax software, and directs any printed document back to the local client for converting, loading, and faxing the document in one simple and fluid process!

  • Impact Fax Broadcast
  • Powerful, standalone fax broadcasting solution. Take your fax marketing to the next level with an easy to use yet feature-rich broadcasting solution for use with any printable local or remote document!
  • Impact Fax Server
  • Go paperless with the complete Send/Receive faxing solution for any size office environment. With a centralized fax server and freedom of faxing any local or remote document, empower your users with faxing ANY document, ANYWHERE in the world, ANY time!
  • Impact Colorfax
  • Simplified faxing Send/Receive solution for home-based or individual local client faxing