Administrator - Printer Manager Version number:

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Under the Administrator tab, one can configure the available Printer Manager tabs for All Users on the computer, the Event Viewer Logging, and the Debug Logging.

NOTE: Administrator tab requires Administrative privileges. To access to the Administrator tab, please run the Black Ice Printer Manager as an Administrator.

In order to deny access for specific Printer Manager tabs on the computer for All Users, uncheck the tabs and press Apply. The unchecked tabs will not be available for users on the computers.

NOTE: The General tab cannot be unchecked.

Event Viewer Logging Configuration

In order to change the Event Viewer Logging settings for all users, select the appropriate option from the dropdown list, and press Apply. When the Event Logging feature is turned on, the Printer Driver writes the occuring events into the Windows Event Viewer. For more information, please refer to the following link.

Debug Logging Configuration

In order to enable debug logging, for All Users, check the Enable Debug Logging option, and browse a file location where to generate the EDF log file.

EDF log file contains the input source data of each print job what the Black Ice Printer Driver receives from the operating system. EDF log files are can be used to determine and troubleshoot the occurring issues on the printed documents. Once the EDF file has been generated, send the file to our technical support team to email address with the description of your printing problem.

NOTE: Environment variables can also be used to specify the directory.