Press Release - Black Ice Software Announces Availability of Impact Voice Server

Black Ice Software Announces Availability of Impact Voice Server, a Key Unified Messaging Component based on the Windows NT Server Operating System

Amherst, NH--June 10, 1998, Black Ice Software, Inc. announced today the release of their Impact Voice Server that adds a significant component to the PC based unified messaging system under Microsoft Exchange. By utilizing the Micr osoft Exchange client, the Voice Server enables you to efficiently manage all of your desktop messages. The Impact Voice Server enables you to send, receive, forward and resend voice messages with the same ease as E-mail. The software supports from 1 to 500 lines and is compatible with both US Robotics voice modem and the Dialogic voice boards. Black Ice plans to add an interface for both BICOM and Brooktrout boards in the future.

The Impact Voice Server connects to both the PBX and the LAN allowing you to receive your voice mail in your MS Exchange Inbox and to use your multi-media PC to play and record your E-mail messages. The Voice Server will allow businesses to reduce their long distance phone bills while retaining the ability to communicate verbally within their organization. Impact Voice Server has a remote administration feature, which can drastically reduce the total cost of ownership.

Black Ice Software has also developed the Impact Fax Server, which integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange. The combination of the Impact Fax and Voice Servers provides a truly Unified Messaging System for the desktop PC. By combining all of your fax, voice and E-mails into a single mailbox, you are able to utilize MS Exchange as the universal mailbox for all of your messages. You are able to view all of your messages at a glance and quickly decide which are most urgent there by reducing your response time.

Black Ice Software, LLC, established in 1989, is a privately held software development company, which provides high quality toolkits, utilities and products for faxing and imaging applications. The Impact Fax product line includes a stand alone fax software, Impact Fax Pro, Fax From Web, Fax On Demand and Impact Fax Server. For more information contact Lisa Pitcher at 603-673-1019 or