Press Release - Black Ice Software has introduced Speak Easy

Black Ice Software has introduced Speak Easy a powerful

Text-to Speech Tool that adds Speech Synthesis to Telephony and Multi-Media applications.

October 15, 1998 - Amherst, NH - Black Ice Software, Inc. announced their entry into the Text-to-Speech software market with the introduction of Speak Easy a TTS development toolkit. Winner of the American Facsimile Associations 1997 award for Best Development Toolkit, Black Ice has provided high quality toolkits for fax and voice since 1989. The new Text-to-Speech development toolkit was designed for developers who want to add an advanced system of speech synthesis to the ir telephony and multimedia applications.

The TTS toolkit makes it more affordable for programmers to add high quality synthesized speech output to their Windows applications. Black Ice provides all of the necessary tools, which enable a programmer to integrate TTS , technology into their applications. It is ideal for Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Voice Mail, E-mail reader and Fax reader development. It speaks any ASCII text with a voice that is incredibly close to human and eliminates the expense of pre-recorded speech. It allows developers to reduce their development cost and time to market. The toolkit is currently available in English and American with a customizable dictionary; it will also be available in Spanish by the end of 1998.

A few of the features included in this version are; Pitch and speed control, Generate an industry standard Wave File, Simultaneous Multi-Channel support, Speaks numbers, dates, dollar amount and telephone numbers, Speaks an y alphanumeric text, Specialized words can be added to a Users Dictionary, 32-bit Active X Control, and Sample C and Visual Basic Code. The SDK is compatible with Dialogic boards and Rockwell chipset based voice modems such as Hayes and Boca.

Black Ice Software, LLC established in 1989, is a privately held software development company, which provides high quality toolkits, utilities and products for faxing and imaging applications. Their enterprise application software includes a stand alone fax software, Impact Fax Pro, Impact Fax Server and Voice Server, and a Fax On Demand software with a Fax From Web module. For more information contact Lisa Pitcher at 603-673-1019 or E-mail to