Press Release - Black Ice Software announces a new release of the Impact Fax
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Further Information: Amanda Dresser
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Black Ice Software announces a new release of the Impact Fax Ô Server that includes support for Natural MicroSystems fax boards and a Fax Server Engine API.

April 2, 1999- Amherst, NH- Black Ice Software has released version 2.72 of the Impact FaxÔ Server. The new release includes a Fax Server engine API which was designed for Systems Integrators who want to rapidly build a custom user interface (client) for a fax server, or integrate the fax server with their existing systems. The Fax Server API includes the source code for the "stand alone" client software. The client software includes the Black Ice printer drivers and a fax viewer.

Impact Fax Server integrates seamlessly with MS Exchange or Outlook to provide a universal mailbox for fax and e-mail messages. It offers inbound routing with DID, DTMF, and Subaddressing, advanced TIFF viewer with Annotation and Cover Page Generator, Phonebook, Fax Broadcasting, and Automatic Printing of incoming faxes. Most important the ease to send, receive, forward, move, re-send and delete faxes just like e-mail. The Impact FaxÔ Server is compatible with any Class 1, Class 2 and 2.0 modem and BICOM, Brooktrout, Dialogic, Gammalink and Natural Microsystem Fax Boards. The Fax Server has a remote administration feature, which may drastically reduce the total cost of ownership. The system administrator can manage multiple servers in different locations via a TCP/IP connection. The updated Activity Monitor generates reports on usage, including the time that a fax was sent or received, the number of pages, and the transmission time. It will also report real time status information and can be configured to send the report via E-mail or fax to the system administrator at specified intervals. Impact FaxÔ Server is available in a small business package for 10-25 Users at $795.00 and as a large enterprise solution that is scaleable up to 255 ports, with support for T1, E1 and ISDN lines. The enterprise version pricing starts at $1095.00.

The combination of the Impact Fax Server and the Impact Voice Mail Server provides a complete Unified Messaging System under the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

The Impact Voice Mail Server also integrates with an MS Exchange Inbox or Outlook. By handling all of your messages (including voice, fax and e-mail) in one mailbox, you are able to streamline communications and increase productivity. The Voice Mail Server includes a text to speech engine that enables you to dynamically generate voice prompts, a new Visual Editor Menu which makes it easy to create custom voice scripts, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) which will route calls to a designated operator, and auto attendant. The Voice Mail Server connects to the LAN and PBX, enabling the user to play, record and send messages with their multi-media PC. It is compatible with Rockwell chipset based voice modems, (Apache, Hayes etc), BICOM, Dialogic and Natural MicroSystems voice boards.

Black Ice Software, LLC, based in Amherst NH is a privately held software development company established in 1989. Black Ice provides high quality toolkits, utilities and end user application software for Fax, Voice and Imaging. Our customers are technology, consumer goods and financial corporations including Lucent Technologies, 5th Generation, Citibank, Sharp Labs and Mitsubishi Chemical. Our engineering and customer support staffs are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and product quality. For more information, please contact Lisa Pitcher, Marketing Director at 603-673-1019 or by E-mail