Press Release - Black Ice Software announces the release of a new Terminal Fax Server
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Further Information: Amanda Dresser
Black Ice Software LLC. 561-757-4107

March 25th 1999-Amherst, NH- Black Ice Software announces the release of a new Terminal Fax Server.

Impact Fax Terminal Server is designed to work with network systems such as mainframe computers and UNIX or NT based workstations. It offers the simplicity of a PC based system with the reliability of a mainframe system. The primary design principal for the Terminal Fax Server is simplicity. The software does not have a user interface, and the only way to communicate with it is by using the INI files.

You send a file to the server that contains the instructions for a job (sending a fax) the server reads the file, performs the job and then returns a file with the status of the job (complete or incomplete). You are able to issue fax commands to each fax channel or port with the control style INI files and upon completion their file extensions will be changed to indicate that the program has processed the command. The Terminal Server is a good choice for departments that need to perform high volume routine faxing that must be reliable and efficient such as weekly invoicing or payment notices. Black Ice Software offers customization services for all of their fax applications including Impact FaxÔ Server, Fax on Demand and Voice Mail Server.

Black Ice Software, LLC, based in Amherst NH is a privately held software development company established in 1989. Black Ice provides high quality toolkits, utilities and end user application software for fax, voice and imaging. Our customers are technology, consumer goods and financial corporations including Lucent Technologies, 5th Generation, Citibank, Sharp Labs and Mitsubishi Chemical. Our engineering and customer support staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and product quality. For more information, please contact Lisa Pitcher, Marketing Director at 603-673-1019 or