Press Release - Black Ice Software announces the release of the Impact Fax Suite
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Black Ice Software announces the release of the Impact Fax Suite, a complete Fax and Voice communication solution for the Microsoft Windows and NT operating systems.

Amherst, NH – September 16, 1998- Black Ice Software announced the release of their Impact Fax Suite, which is designed to provide a complete fax and voice software solution for the small office. The Impact Fax Suite includes four products: a Fax Server, Voice Server, Fax On Demand system, and a stand-alone software Impact Fax Pro. The four-product package accommodates up to 10 Users and is affordably priced at $1,495.00. These products are also available individually and are fully scalable to meet the fax communication needs of any enterprise. Both the Fax and Voice Servers integrate seamlessly with an MS Inbox or Outlook to provide a universal mailbox for fax, voice and e-mail. Now you can send and receive your fax and voice messages with the same ease as E-mail. The products are designed to run on Windows 95, 98, and Win NT 4.0.

The Impact Voice Mail Server adds a significant component to the PC based unified messaging system. It provides a voice mail system that integrates with your MS Inbox or Outlook enabling you to send and receive voice message on your desktop. Businesses can reduce their long distance telephone bills while maintaining verbal communications verbally with employees and customers. The software supports up to 500 lines and is compatible with Dialogic voice boards and Rockwell chip set based voice modems.

The Impact Fax Server provides server based inbound and outbound faxing from your desktop PC. The Server will significantly reduce the time employees spend sending and retrieving faxes from a traditional fax machine. It also offers greater confidentiality for incoming fax messages. Some of the standard features are Inbound Routing with DID, DTMF, and Subadressing, Least Cost Routing, Advanced TIFF viewer with Annotation, Cover Page Editor and Remote System Administration. Black Ice offers their customers customization services for both the Fax and Voice Server Software.

Impact Fax Pro is a PC based stand-alone fax software with Multi-Port Fax Broadcasting and Voice Mail capabilities. A great time saver for the SOHO (small office/home office) user it puts faxing at your fingertips.

Impact Fax On Demand combines IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and fax to provide timely information to customers 24 hours a day. The Fax From Web feature adds Fax-on-Demand to the corporate web site. The new release includes a Visual IVR editor, which allows a company to create a custom Fax-on-Demand applications. It is compatible with Rockwell chipset fax/voice modems, US Robotics and Dialogic boards.

Black Ice Software, LLC established in 1989, is an independent software developer devoted to providing new tools, utilities and products for fax and imaging applications. For additional information contact our sales dept. at Visit our Web site at