Press Release - Black Ice announces the release of Impact Fax product line

Black Ice Software announces the release of:

  • Impact Fax™...
  • Impact Fax Pro, Impact Fax from Web,
  • Impact Fax on Demand, and Impact Fax Server

Amherst, NH – October 21, 1997 – Black Ice Software, Inc. announced today the release of its Impact Fax™ product line, which includes Impact Fax Pro, Impact Fax on Demand, Impact Fax from Web, and Impact Fax Server. These new products offer a full range of fax solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers, from SOHO owners to Corporate IT Managers.

Impact Fax™ Pro is designed to compete head on with WinFax™ Pro and provides an alternative solution for VARS, OEMs, and sophisticated end users. Impact Fax Pro is a PC based stand-alone fax software that runs on the Windows NT 4.0, 3.5 and Win95. It differentiates itself by supporting unlimited communication ports or channels and is compatible with any Class 1, Class 2, Class 2.0 Brooktrout, Dialogic and Gammalink boards. Some of the main features are: Send and receive picture quality fax, logging, phonebook, cover page editor, annotation, fax management, printing, export/import of 12 different file formats and more. Affordably priced for the SOHO and corporate customer at $49.95.

Black Ice Software’s Impact Fax™ From Web is a new Sales and Marketing automation tool and a traditional fax-on-demand system activated from the Web page to deliver information on hard copy to anyone with a fax ma chine. Impact Fax-From-Web is integrated and available as a single package with the Impact Fax on Demand. It is an ideal tool for Sales and Marketing departments to automatically respond to customers’ requests. By accessing the corporate Web site vi a-Intranet, customers can receive faxed documents by simply checking off items from a checklist. Impact Fax-From-Web can be integrated with any popular contact manager to populate and schedule contacts automatically. This is an excellent value priced at $995 for single port, $1995 for multi-port, and single port is free.

Combining Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Fax On Demand to deliver information to anyone with a touch-tone phone and a fax machine is easy with Black Ice Software’s new Impact Fax™ On Demand. Two important features set us apart from the crowd; our product is fully scalable from a single port to 255 ports, and our software is not tied to a specific fax board manufacturer. Impact Fax On Demand is compatible with the most popular modems using the Rockwell Voice /Fax chipset or some of the more sophisticated Brooktrout and Dialogic boards. This product fills the vacuum in the VAR and OEM market to provide a sophisticated scalable hardware independent solution. This release is competitively priced at $995 for single port, $1995 for multi-port, and single port is free.

Finally, the Impact Fax™ Server for integrated messaging systems requires Exchange Client as the universal mailbox for fax messages. This enables users the convenience of using one easy, familiar tool to handle (store, forward, move, delete, etc.) all their messages, including fax messages. With the integration between Impact Fax Server and Exchange Server, the latter is the single message repository and transport mechanism of all user messages. Exchange server directory is the single source of information for both Impact Fax Server and other integrated message types. Impact Fax Server integrates seamlessly with Windows NT and Exchange Server, and supports 255 communication ports or channels. It is compatible with an y Class 1, Class 2, Class 2.0 Brooktrout, Dialogic, and GammaLink boards. The Impact Fax Server is competitively priced at $995 for 25 users.

Black Ice Software, LLC, based in Amherst, NH, is a software development company devoted to providing new tools, utilities, and products for faxing and imaging applications designed for the Microsoft Windows environment. B lack Ice also provides an Impact Fax product line, which includes Impact Fax Pro, Impact Fax on Demand, Impact Fax from Web, and Impact Fax Server for the Internet. The company’s range of sophisticated software development toolkits allows programmer s to add robust raster image manipulation functionality to their Windows applications while reducing overall development time.