Press Release - Black Ice announces the release of the Impact Fax Server

Black Ice Software announces the release of the Impact Fax Server; a new Fax Server Software for integratedmessaging systems for Windows NT.

June 5, 1998, Black Ice Software, Inc. introduced a new enterprise fax solution to the marketplace with the release of the Impact Fax Server. Utilizing advanced fax technology the Server integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange to provide the convenience of one familiar tool to manage all of your desktop messages. The Server is fully scalable from a single port to 255 ports; any size business can tailor it to meet their individual needs. The base price for 25 Us er Starter Kit is $995.00.

Some of the features included in this first release are; Inbound Routing with DID, DTMF and Subaddressing,advanced TIFF viewer with annotation and cover page generator, and most importantly the ease to send, receive, forward, move,re-send and delete faxes just like e-mail. Impact Fax Server is compatible with for any Class1, Class 2 and 2.0 modem andBICOM, Brooktrout, Commetrex, Dialogic and Gammalink Fax Boards

Impact Fax Server has a remote administration feature, which may drastically reduce the total cost of ownership. The system administrator can manage multiple servers in different locations from one service center. A User Activity feature can generate reports on usage including the time a fax was sent or received, the number of pages and the transmission time. The installation of the Impact Fax Client is as simple as installing e-mail. Black Ice Software offers free technical support for60 days after purchase.

Another key component to a PC based Unified Messaging System is a new Voice Server, due to be released in mid June, it will integrate with the Impact Fax Server to provide one system for all your desktop messages.