Press Release - Black Ice Software Announces the release of Impact Fax On Demand

Black Ice Software, LLC Announces the release of Impact Fax On Demand the latest addition to the Impact Fax line which includes Impact Fax Pro, Impact Fax From Web and Impact Fax Server.

Amherst, NH—June12, 1998, Black Ice Software, Inc. has released a new Impact Fax On Demand which combines interactive voice response (IVR) and fax to automatically deliver documents to anyone with a touch-tone phone an d a fax machine. Impact Fax On Demand differentiates itself from existing products with two unique features. It is fully scalable from a single port to 255 ports and it is not tied to any specific fax board manufacturer .It is compatible with any modem u sing the Rockwell Voice/Fax chipset (such as Hayes, Boca, and Zoom), US Robotics or Dialogic boards.

Impact Fax On Demand provides timely information to customers 24 hours a day creating increased customer satisfaction and reducing the cost of staff, postage and printing. The software includes a Visual IVR editor to create a custom Fax On Demand application. Features include Interactive Voice Response, Open Access, Delivery Notification, Unlimited Voice Menus, Activity Reports, Billing and Phone Number Blocking. The software supports voice and fax on the same line or can be configured as voice only or fax only lines.

Black Ice has integrated their Fax From Web with Impact Fax On Demand to provide a complete fax information delivery system. By simply entering their name and fax number in a form, customers can request documents to be deli vered immediately via fax. It an excellent tool for sales and marketing departments to automatically respond to a customer’s request. Documents can also be sent to other recipients at remote locations. Impact Fax From Web provides you with an e-mail confirmation when your fax has been delivered.

Black Ice Software, LLC, established in 1989, is a privately held software development company, which provides high quality toolkits, utilities and products for faxing and imaging applications. For more information please contact Black Ice Sales at 603-673-1019 or