Press Release - Black Ice Software Announces New Win 95/98 Color Print Driver

Black Ice Software Announces New Win 95/98 Color Print Driver

December 14, 1998 - Amherst, NH - Black Ice Software, LLC announced the release of a new Color print Driver for Windows 95 /98, which will enable developers to build color faxing applications faster, thereby reducing time to market . The Color Driver can also be used to build raster image capturing, medical imaging and color document management applications . The Win 95/98 Color Driver outputs 8-bit grayscale and 24-bit TIFF or JPEG format. It utilizes a device independent color space , L*a*b Color Space Format. The color driver is capable of writing in many file formats including JPEG, TIFF, PCX, DCX, Microsoft DIB and TIFF CCITT Group 3 . Over 42 different page sizes are supported including user definable variable page sizes with up to 600 dpi. Every GDI drawing function is supported , as well as Adobe and True Type fonts. Black Ice also offers a Color Print Driver for Windows NT 4.0 which includes a valuable NT Resource Kit . The Resource Kit consists of tools to speed up the process of integrating the NT driver with custom applications. The Windows 95/98 and NT 4 .0 Color Drivers are compatible with Bicom, Brooktrout, Dialogic, Commetrex and Natural Microsystems fax boards. Black Ice Software, LLC , based in Amherst NH, is a privately held software development company established in 1989. Black Ice provides high quality toolkits , utilities and end user application software for fax, voice and imaging. These Software Development Toolkits have received many awards , including Product of the Year Awards from the American Facsimile Association, Fax World Conference 1997 and Computer Telephony Magazine.