Press Release - Black Ice Software announces the Annotation SDK

Press release of Black Ice Software announces the Annotation SDK

Amherst, NH – June 22, 1997 – Black Ice Software Inc. announced the release of its Annotation SDK for Windows, Win95, and NT. Annotation SDK can be used to add annotation, drawing, text, graphics, images, stamps and sticky notes to any application in only minutes. Some of the Annotation SDK objects include vector graphics, text, bitmaps and user-defined objects. Any object can be used to create a link to any type of data or action. The built-in features include automatic handling of object creation, a customizable toolbar, and a pull-down menus for each object type. It is easy to zoom documents, pan and scroll without losing programming control, which allows you to modify how Annotation works.

Because Annotation SDK is object oriented, all objects can be edited in many ways, for example: resizing, moving, rotating, changing or modifying of fonts, deleting, back to front movement and the changing of attribute s. They can be saved in the image permanently or saved as a separate file. Annotations can be added to both color and black&white images, and the developer may choose between low-level or fully automated modes.

Annotation SDK is available in both 16 bit and 32 bit versions, priced at $599 for the 16 bit and $999 for the 32 bit which is Royalty-Free.

Black Ice Software, LLC, based in Amherst, NH, is a software development company devoted to providing new tools, utilities and products for faxing and imaging applications designed for the Microsoft Windows environment. The company’s range of sophisticated software development toolkits allow programmers to add robust raster image manipulation functionality to their Windows applications while reducing overall development time.