Press Release - Black Ice Software Announces V.34 Fax Support For Mainpine RockForce+ Cards

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Black Ice Software Announces V.34 Fax Support For Mainpine RockForce+ Cards.

Date: December 17, 2003

Last month, Black Ice software announced the release of version 10.0 of the Fax C++/ActiveX, which implemented V.34 faxing based on the Class 1.0 fax command set. A fax sent at 33,600 bps (V.34) is more than twice as fast as a fax sent at 14,400 bps. The increased transmission speed increases performance by drastically reducing training time. The same fax can be sent in half the time as before, saving money on phone bills.

Black Ice has recently expanded the V.34 faxing capabilities of the Fax C++/ActiveX by adding support for additional V.34 fax hardware from Mainpine Ltd.. Mainpine Ltd. is the UK based manufacturer of the RockForce line of multi-port fax and voice cards, which include two, four, and eight port cards, all of which support Class 1.0 V.34 faxing. RockForce fax cards are available through resellers and distributors worldwide.

The RockForce cards are Universal PCI 2.3 PNP compliant, 3.3V and 5.5V signaling, and a world beating short board format, enabling hassle-free physical installation into any server.

The RockForce line of cards are also ideal for computer telephony applications including voice and International CallerID. By utilizing the Fax/Voice C++/ActiveX to develop a fax or voice application, and using the RockForce line of cards, developers and system integrators can create high end, yet low cost, reliable fax and voice systems.

Support for Mainpine’s RockForce line of V.34 fax cards is a new addition to the list of hardware supported by Fax C++/ActiveX. Fax C++/ActiveX also supports the Multi-Tech MT5634ZBA modems, Brooktrout TR1034 boards and the Dialogic Gammalink Cpi200B and Cpi400B boards which are all capable of V.34 faxing. Visit for additional information.