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Quicknet Technologies and Black Ice partner for user friendly IP FAX solution for MicroTelco

Amherst, NH and San Francisco, CA. — December 4, 2000 — Black Ice Software, LLC, a provider of high-quality toolkits, utilities and end user applications software for fax, voice and imaging and Quicknet Technologies, Inc., a provider of low-density Internet telephony hardware, software and services enabling customers to make toll quality Internet telephone calls from their PCs., jointly announced today that MicroTelco users can now view their email fax with Black Ice's free Tiff Viewer. Recently launched by Quicknet Technologies, MicroTelco is a revolutionary service that brings multiple Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) together in a convenient, simple to use online account center for greater reliability, quality, choice and flexibility.

One of MicroTelco's features is the ability to send Internet based faxes (from your PC to a fax machine or to multiple fax machines and/or to email addresses). With Black Ice's free Tiff Viewer, MicroTelco users can easily display a fax image, rotate the image in 90-deree increments, flip the image, zoom in and out of the image, and open multi-page TIFF images sent to their email address. The TIFF Viewer download link will be included in all MicroTelco email notification messages - MicroTelco users can connect a standard fax machine to their computer using Quicknet's hardware to send a fax document(s) over the internet. This document can be sent to an email address (or multiple email addresses) in the form of an attachment. When the Internet based fax-to-email is sent to the recipient, they will open the email that will notify them they have received an email with a fax document attached ready to be viewed in the form of a TIFF file. If they are unable to view the document, the Black Ice TIFF Viewer link is provided so the end user can quickly download the free viewer to view the attachment.

Black Ice developed the TIFF Viewer since TIFF files have increased in popularity, thus the increased demand for TIFF applications. Since there is no patent on TIFF, the viewer is offered for free on Black Ice's web site at Currently, the Black Ice TIFF Viewer averages 700-800 downloads a month. Users can upgrade the Tiff Viewer to the TIFF Viewer & Browser Plug-in for enhanced functionality such as saving the tiff image to a file, print the image or multi-page TIFF files as a single print job, use the TIFF viewer online to view images in Netscape or Internet Explorer, and much, more for a low price of just $39.

"Our partnership is the perfect solution that benefits Black Ice, Quicknet, and MicroTelco users. By partnering with Black Ice, Quicknet is able provide a simple, free TIFF viewer to MicroTelco users so they can use the IP fax to email feature with great confidence knowing the end recipient will have no problems viewing the document." said Stacey Reineccius, CEO & President of Quicknet Technologies. " In addition, our Preferred Resellers can rest at ease knowing that their end customers have a complete IP voice and fax solution."

“Over the last few years there has been a large increase in consumer demand for a TIFF Viewer and Internet Browser software solution. Black Ice has met this demand by developing the TIFF Viewer and Browser Plug-In. The partnership between Quicknet Technologies and Black Ice is the perfect vehicle for bringing the TIFF Viewer and Browser Plug-In to a new market." Jozsef Nemeth, CEO of Black Ice Software, LLC

About Black Ice Software, LLC

Established in 1989, Black Ice Software, LLC is a privately held software development company based in Amherst, NH. Black Ice provides high-quality toolkits, utilities and end user applications software for fax, voice and imaging. The company’s SDKs have received many awards and accolades including "Product of the Year" awards from the American Facsimile Association and Computer Telephony Magazine.

Black Ice’s Impact Fax product line was developed in 1997 using the company’s award-winning components. The Impact products include: Network Fax and Voice Mail Servers which integrate seamlessly with MS Exchange, Impact Fax on Demand that includes a Fax From Web feature and an IVR editor to create a custom FOD application, and Impact Fax Pro, a stand alone fax software with multi-port fax broadcast capability. For more information, visit call 603-673-1019, e-mail:

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