Press Release - Black Ice Software Announces V.34 Fax Support For Multi-Tech Fax Modems

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Black Ice Software Announces V.34 Fax Support For Multi-Tech Fax Modems

Date: December 1, 2003

Version 10.0 of Black Ice Software’s Fax C++/ActiveX implements V.34 faxing based on the Class 1.0 fax command set and will send V.34 faxes to any fax modem or board on the market that supports Class 1.0 and V.34 faxing. A fax sent at 33,600 bps is more than twice as fast as a fax sent at 14,400 bps. The increased transmission speed increases performance by drastically reducing training time. The same fax can be sent in half the time as before, saving money on phone bills.

Several desktop fax machine manufacturers like HP, Lexmark and dozens of other vendors released products capable of faxing at very high 33,600 bps speeds. These desktop fax machines are able to send V.34 faxes to other desktop fax machines that also support V.34 faxing; however there are few software solutions available to take advantage of the new technology. Things changed when Multi-Tech released the MT5634ZBA external fax modem. The new Multi-Tech modem supports V.34 faxing along with the Class 1.0 command set.

V.34 faxing will have a drastic effect on Color Faxing. One of the reasons for color faxing’s slow take off is transmission speed. A color page can take several minutes to transmit and that is longer than most users can wait. With V.34 faxing, the transmission time of color faxes will be cut in half.

Black Ice software’s fast color printer driver technology and V.34 faxing will give a boost to an array of fax products. Black Ice Software is already in the process of releasing several products based on V.34 and Color Fax technology. The first products that will include V.34 and Color Faxing are the Impact Fax Broadcast and Impact Fax Server. Look for our Impact Fax newsletter for more details.

The support of the Multi-Tech V.34 fax modem is a new addition to the list of hardware supported by Fax C++. Fax C++ also supports the Brooktrout TR1034 boards and the Dialogic Gammalink Cpi200B and Cpi400B boards which are all capable of V.34 faxing. Visit for additional information.