Press Release - Black Ice Software announces the first Internet Print Server

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Black Ice Software, announces the first Internet Print Server.

Black Ice delivered the first working Internet Fax Server in 1996 and now the first Internet Print Server in 2000.

September 15, 2000 Amherst, NH Black Ice Software has released the first Internet Print Server. The Internet Print Server is based on Black Ice Software’s patent pending printer driver technology. It allows anybody to print a document on any printer on the Internet with the same ease as printing on a printer attached to a PC. The first Internet print server will change printing in the same ways as local area printing when it first appeared and allowed printers to be shared in the office. The print server will drastically change the way documents are managed on the Internet.

Internet Print Server is designed to print from any application on any printer in the world if the printer is connected to a PC and the PC is connected to the Internet or a TCP/IP network. Therefore, the only requirement is that the print server is attached to the Internet or a local TCP/IP based network and a printer driver is installed on a client computer. Documents can be printed from any application, (Word, Excel, Acrobat reader, etc.) as they would be on a local printer, without any quality loss. The client printer name (the client printer driver) can be seen in the printer selection dialog box as any other network printer name. (see the diagram on the next page)

The Internet Print Server Technology is based upon two main components. The first component is the Universal Internet Printer Driver, which is the client software. The second component is the Print Server, which manages the printers. Both components are compatible with Microsoft Win95/98,Millennium, NT or W2K.

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