Press Release - Black Ice Software Announces Data Matrix Barcode SDK/ActiveX Release

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Black Ice Software Announces Data Matrix Barcode SDK/ActiveX Release.

Date: July 1, 2004

Black Ice Software is proud to announce the release of both a Data Matrix Read and Data Matrix write module for the Black Ice Barcode SDK/ActiveX. The Data Matrix Barcode modules are imaging toolkit independent, and as such can be used with any Black Ice or third party imaging toolkit.

Data Matrix barcode support is provided by Black Ice in two separately licensed products: one for Data Matrix reading/decoding, and a second for Data Matrix writing/encoding.

Data Matrix barcodes can store large amounts of data in a small symbol, up to a maximum 3,116 Digits or 2,335 ASCII characters. Unlike linear (1D) barcodes, which are typically used to store a record or account number which then must be retrieved from a database in order to get additional information, Data Matrix barcode symbols can typically store all of the information associated with a particular record. This way, using Data Matrix barcodes, developers can eliminate database information retrieval, and can simply read all account details from the Data Matrix barcode symbol itself.

A Data Matrix Barcode symbol is square and when printed can range from 0.001 inch per side up to 14 inches per side. Data Matrix barcode symbols can store much more information in a smaller space.

The Black Ice Data Matrix Barcode modules support the following features:

  • High Density Data Encoding/Decoding
  • Read/Write at any orientation
  • Read/Write in any direction
  • Read from/Write to a region of interest.
  • Read/Write skewed barcodes
  • Read/Write multiple barcode symbols
  • Checksum character handling.

Developers can download a fully functional evaluation version of the Black Ice Barcode SDK/ActiveX demo from the Black Ice Website at The Barcode SDK/ActiveX demo includes support for Data Matrix Reading, Data Matrix Writing, and Linear 1D barcode reading and writing.