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Black Ice Software® Launches Black Ice Printer Drivers Version 12.50 to Allow Business Users to Run Specific Print Jobs

Virtual task printers can now be created from a base Black Ice Printer Driver for quick printing to separate output formats, output directories, or email recipients.

Nashua, NH - June 15, 2010 -- Black Ice Software, a leading supplier of printing, imaging and faxing toolkits, announces the release of version 12.50 of the Black Ice Printer Drivers. The new releases include the ability to create ‘Agent’ printers, which are virtual task-specific printer drivers based off of the Black Ice Printer Driver it is created from. Agent printers are based on the Black Ice Printer Driver and have all the features of the base printer driver. Separate Agent printers can be created for each routine task, like creating and emailing PDF reports, labeling legal documents, creating faxable documents or uploading to SharePoint without having to repeat printer configuration each time.

"Agent printers greatly increase the convenience of using Printer Drivers by allowing limitless additional printers to be created for certain tasks. Instead of constantly reconfiguring printing preferences, individual virtual printers can be made available to users for instant task-specific functionality” said Jozsef Nemeth, CEO.

Agent Printers can be created, configured, or deleted any time through the Black Ice Printer Manager User Interface.

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