Press Release - FAX C++ Available For OCX

Black Ice Software, LLC, PRESS RELEASE 1/15/97


Black Ice Software, LLC, the leader in Fax Development Toolkits, announces a new release of Fax C++ OCX, the only fax toolkit that supports Gammalink and Brooktrout boards. The Fax C++ OCX includes support for Class 1, Class 2 and Class 2.0 fax modems. Combined with other Black Ice products such as the Generic Print Driver and Imaging libraries, software developers can develop color and monochrome fax applications of fax enable existing applications.

The Fax C++ OCX is designed to enable developers and end users to combine Fax, Voice, and Data. It is fully object-oriented and takes into account the emerging technology in faxing, voice and Internet. Features include TWAIN support, Caller ID, Subaddressing, Group 4 Faxing, Polling, Built-in fax protocol analyzer to speed up debugging, Phonebook and more. It supports Class 1 software error correction and Binary File Transfer (BFT) and handles a wide variety of image forma ts, including JPEG, La*b* Color Space, comprehensive TIFF/CCITT G3, PCX, DCX, Compressed and Uncompressed Microsoft Device Independent Bitmaps (DIB's). Send and receive queue management, Dynamic configuration of faxing device, Communication port control. It comes with an extensive sample program and source.

The Fax C++ consists of a set of Classes and seventy member functions which manage communication ports, Class 1, Class 2 and Class 2.0 Fax Modems. In addition, it manages data flow to and from classes such as TCommClassOne and TCommClassTwo.

Priced at $1,500.00 Royalty Free, the Fax C++ OCX includes the Fax C++ for NT. As with all software development toolkits from Black Ice Software, the Fax C++ is well-suited for use in development environments such as Microsoft Visual C++, Visual Basic, SQL Windows, Borland C++, and any development environment compatible with DLL's.

Black Ice Software, LLC, based in Amherst, NH, is a software development firm devoted to providing new tools, utilities, and products for faxing and imaging applications designed for the Microsoft Windows environments. The company's range of sophisticated software development toolkits allow programmers to add robust raster image manipulation functionality to their Windows applications while reducing overall development time.