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Black Ice Software Announces Their New PDF Software Development Kit (SDK).

Amherst, NH May 1, 2007 -- Black Ice Software, LLC (“Black Ice"), a worldwide provider of imaging, printing and communication applications and development tools, today announced the release of the new PDF SDK.

The new PDF SDK offers Windows based application developers an alternative for Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) SDK. The Black Ice Software PDF SDK Pro contains all of the necessary functionality to create a complex, scalable, and powerful PDF solution for Microsoft Windows® environment.

The included PDF SDK Reader module supports loading of PDF files to a data structure and renders the PDF pages. The PDF Reader supports Adobe PDF Version 1.5 format (and previous versions) and it enables text search on a page or on the whole document. One can obtain any object from the pages (for example images and texts).

With the text search function you are now able to scan PDF documents for phrases and words adding an additional element of functionality to the PDF SDK. One can search using options such as case sensitivity or whole word searching backwards and forwards throughout the PDF document allowing you to capture the results of the text search.

Black Ice Software’s new PDF SDK supports multiple objects such as:

  • PDF Version 1.5 (and earlier versions) Format Objects
  • 14 standard fonts and embedded fonts
  • Paths (Draw Shapes, Diagrams, Vector Images)
  • Operator Categories (Graphics State, Path, Text, Font, Color)

The new PDF SDK also supports multiple compression methods:

  • For Streams: FlateDecode, LZWDecode, ASCII85Decode
  • For Images: FlateDecode, DCTDecode, CCITTFaxDecode, RunLengthDecode, ASCII85Decode

For more information regarding Black Ice Software’s new PDF Software Development Kit you can visit the website http://www.blackice.com/PDF_SDK_pro.htm . To inquire about a demo version of the software you can contact their Sales department via email at sales@blackice.com

About Black Ice Software, LLC

Black Ice Software (http://www.blackice.com), is an Amherst, NH based, privately-held software development company, established in 1989. Black Ice Software develops high- quality development toolkits for printer driver technology, fax, voice, and imaging development toolkits and applications used across the globe by e-commerce organizations, system integrators, VARS, and financial corporations, including some of the world’s most prominent companies.

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