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The PDF Software Development Kit (SDK) Professional, from Black Ice Software offers Windows based application developers an alternative to the Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) SDK. The Black Ice Software PDF SDK Pro contains all of the necessary functionality to create a complex, scalable, and powerful PDF solution for Microsoft Windows environment.

The PDF SDK Pro comes with:

A set of Dynamic Link Libraries and ActiveX controls containing the functions to read and search through text PDF files.

A thorough set of documentation including reference manual for the Dynamic Link Libraries and ActiveX control.

Sample application programs with full source code to demonstrate how the PDF SDK Pro can be used.

Technical support and Maintenance.

Supports Microsoft Windows® IDE: Visual Studio 2005.

PDF Reader

The PDF SDK Pro Reader module supports loading of PDF files to a data structure and renders the PDF pages. The PDF Reader supports Adobe PDF Version 1.5 format (and previous versions) and it enables text search on a page or on the whole document. One can get objects from the pages (for example images and texts).

PDF Text Search

The PDF Reader Pro supports text search in a PDF file. It supports searching in both directions (forward of backward), and one can add case sensitivity and/or whole word searching. One can search in a page or in the whole PDF document. One can get the 1-based index of the page where the word or expression has been found and the region (HRGN) that covers the found text, so it would allow the user to visually display the found text in display. The search can be continued from the last found word. After a search, one can get the text of the page where the searched text was found, so for example one can check the nearby area of the found text. (Note: the order of the words in the text will follow the actual position of the words in the PDF file, not necessarily the seen location on the display, so in the case of certain PDF files, the returned text might not be the same as what one would expect.)

Supported objects:

  • PDF Version 1.5 format (and previous versions) objects
  • 14 standard fonts and some of the embedded font types (TrueType, Type1 and Type1C (Compact Font Format))
  • paths (draw shapes, diagrams, vector images)
  • operator categories: Graphics State, Path, Text, Font, Color
  • objects: Path object, Text object, XObject objects (Image object, Form object)

For details check the PDF Reference.

Multiple compression methods supported

The PDF Reader Plug-In supports the following compression methods:

  • for streams: FlateDecode, LZWDecode, ASCII85Decode
  • for images: FlateDecode, DCTDecode, CCITTFaxDecode, RunLengthDecode, ASCII85Decode

Operating Systems Supported:

32-bit Microsoft Windows® 2003 Server family, Vista®, XP, Windows 2000.

64-bit Microsoft Windows® 2003 Server family, XP, and Vista®.