Impact Fax Server Version History

  Version History

DATE : 11-19-2014
Version : 8.33 (revision: 67)
– Stability improvements for Dialogic boards
– Updated manual

DATE : 09-30-2014
Version : 8.32 (revision: 62)
– Improvements in the installation for detecting a reboot pending on the system
– Improvements in the appearance of the installation
– Improved installation appearance to enhance user’s experience
– Stability improvements for the installation when selecting Dialogic Brooktrout driver installation
– Stability improvements for uninstalling the Fax Server
– Stability improvements for uninstalling the Stand Alone Client
– Stability improvements for uninstalling the Outlook Client

DATE : 08-27-2013
Version : 8.31 (revision: 59)
– Improvements on the user interface of the Stand Alone Client
– Updated manuals

DATE : 08-22-2013
Version : 8.30 (revision: 56)
– Improvements for Email to Fax
– Added POP3 port option to Email to Fax
– Message encoding issue
– Stability improvements for major email providers
– Stability improvements for converting HTML email
– Stability improvements in confirmation email sending
– Stability improvement for Fax Server login to valid email account using POP3
– Stability improvements for the installer
– Stability improvements for Fax Server install from a remote session
– Stability improvements for uninstalling the product after repair
– Updated installation windows and message boxes to improve clarity
– Improvements in the Fax Server
– Improvements in the fax logging
– Added logging when multiple attachments cannot be converted with Email to Fax
– Added logging when fax sending was unsuccessful
– Stability improvements for converting attached pictures
– Stability improvements for handling docx, xlsx, pptx MS Office file formats
– Stability improvements on the Web Administration page
– Improved handling of unknown attachment types at email converting
– Improvements for the fax sending to domain users in Stand Alone Client
– Stability improvement for Archiving to PDF
– Improvements on the user interface to improve clarity and user’s experience
– Updated manuals

DATE : 11-12-2012
Version : 8.20 (revision: 11)
– Updated Dialogic Brooktrout SDK to version 6.5.5
– Modified installation procedure
– Updated hardware installation manual

DATE : 04-04-2011
Version : 8.11 (revision: 7)
– Update copyright information
– Stability improvement for uninstalling the program because of Microsoft security update
– Sign install packages

8.10 ( 11.23.2009)
– SMTP authentication added (“Server Settings”, “Active Monitor” and “Email2Fax” pages)
– New email data fields are added to the “Server Settings” page.
– Modify “Default Fax Server Account” field on the “Server Settings” page.
– The day, and time can be set at the Active Monitor automatic report weekly and monthly case.
– “Enable Auto Forward to Email” field moved up on the “Server settings” page.
– “Notification Email Address” changed to “Notification Email/SMS Address” on the “Add user”/”Modify user” pages. Users can use an Email-to-SMS function (NOT a FaxServer function).
– Fixing displaying faxes on iPod.
– At the installation the users can use a domain account name too, in the format: username@domainserver.

8.06 ( 06.19.2009)
– Modify license dialog
– Add PDF help

8.05 ( 03.27.2009)
– Fix UAC bug on Windows Vista

8.04 ( 09.08.2008)
– Add version control for licensing

8.03 ( 04.29.2008)
– Add Windows 2008 (32 and 64-bit) support

8.02 ( 02.05.2008)
– Fixed the install of Outlook Client to Office 2007.

8.01 ( 08.13.2007)
– Fixed XLS conversion issue

8.0 ( 06.06.2007 )
– Added Fax Server to the Black Ice License Server
– Added user-level printer driver to the Fax Server
– Added user-level printer driver to the Stand Alone Client
– Added user-level printer driver to the Inbox Client
– Add Vista compatibility
– Add 64-bit OS compatibility
– Remove 9x printer drivers from Fax Server and clients
– The installs of the Fax Server and the clients updated to InstallShield 12

7.31 ( 05.16.2007 )
– Added quickstart quide option to the main splash screen
– Changed the dialog of getting user account for printing service
– Bugs fixed in Fax Server
– Hide user’s password in the database

7.2 ( 04.23.2006 )
– Add Fax Server service restarting feature on error.

7.1 ( 11.30.2006 )
– Brooktrout 5.0 SDK support added

7.05 ( 10.26.2006 )
– Set Permission Tool added

7.04 ( 09.11.2006 )
– Fix printing bugs in the Outlook Client (printing with Remote Desktop)

7.03 ( 08.31.2006 )
– DID routing fix

7.02 ( 07.11.2006 )
– Fix bug in the logging process in the server.

7.01 ( 06.01.2006 )
– Install project script bug fix

7.0 ( 04.12.2006 )
– Coverpage selection/editing Function added for clients
– PDF dax delivery to clients (instead of TIFF) added
– PDF archiving
– Clients can now print full confirmations of sent faxes, and any server messages
– Forwarding email with attachment in Outlook Client
– Editable comment fields in the Stand Alone Client
– Server Logs sorted with most recent activity at top
– Clients can access User Reports, see what faxes they have sent and received

6.2 ( Not released – 08.15.2005 )
– uninstall dll will be looked up automatically

6.1 ( 05.26.2005 )
– Uninstall pages
– Dialogic and Brooktrout Dlls to bin folder
– Web Client will display 25 faxes per page
– Notification email contains the addressee’s name
– FAXMAIL format can be used with the Outlook client
– Added next and previous links to fax queue, user mailbox, user report, view log file, view ini file in fax server user interface.
– Fixed delete message error in web client.
– Fixed fax header bug in the clients. (the to field was not filled every time)
– Fixed SAC dump error.
– Modified Remote Administrator Setup.
– Modified Email To Fax HTML page design.
– Fixed multipage color printing in fax server.
– Fixed SAC dump. When you changed the user properties, the SAC sometimes dumped.
– Modified fax number length on web client send fax form.
– The user name is displayed in the confirmation emails.
– The caption of the new fax contains the user name in the SAC.
– Modified drag&drop in the SAC. The fax form appeared for wrong user.
– Updated Cover Page Engine
– Dialogic DLLs added to the install.

6.00 (03.31.2005)

– Color Fax Support Added- send and receive faxes in full color
– Terminal Server Support – send and receive faxes on any terminal server system
– Receive faxes as PDF files – received faxes can be delivered as either TIFF or PDF files
– Server side document conversion – Convert files for faxing on the server itself
– Improved Remote Administration – new dynamic menu structure, layout, and integrated help
– Forward received faxes to multiple fax numbers, users or groups – forward a received fax to multiple fax numbers, fax server users or groups
– Fax confirmation – When a fax is received by the Impact Fax Server, it can automatically send a confirmation fax to the sender to let them know the fax was correctly received
– Assign fax ports to a user – all faxes received on a port can be sent to a specific user
– Automatic fax hardware testing – detect installed fax hardware and check for dial tones
– Globally change port settings – change port settings for multiple ports at once
– Fax Priority – new fax priority system allows faxes to be prioritized by the system administrator. Priority ranges can be assigned to different groups and users
– Delete and sort queued faxes – queued faxes can be removed and sorted
– Email to Fax now accepts MS Office, TXT, HTML and PDF Files
– Web Client now accepts MS Office, TXT, HTML and PDF Files

5.00 (09.24.2004)

Inbox Client: – Solved problem with not receiving every fax if Ella Spam filter is installed

4.36 (11.22.2002)

Server: – Web client now displays standard resolution faxes correctly
Client: – New printer drivers

4.35 (10.25.2002)
-Fixed Inbox client problem with XP and Exchange Server client.

4.34 (04.18.2002)
– Return to the old Codebase. The bug with the number of the threads in the new Codebase.

4.33 (04.18.2002)
– Coverpage file location fixed.
– The Brooktrout v4.3 drivers added.

4.32 (03.19.2002)
– Added the new version of the TIFF32.DLL, JPEG32.DLL, BITMANI32.dll

4.31 (01.31.2002)
– Solved compatibility problem with Exchange Server 2000
– The port numbers used by the server and clients are changeble through the INI file.
– Added new FaxCpp32.dll, version 8.62. It solves the crash when the COM port is closed.

-Fixed tem file problems. Now temp files are deleted.
-Brooktrout fix by Zoltan.
4.23( 8-10-00)
-Temp file fixes by NTamas.
-Bug fixes by NTamas (phone number blocking).
-CSID blocking by NTamas.
-Added local area code filtering.(NTamas)
-Added phone number blocking.(NTamas)
– Added redialer feature.(NTamas)
-Fixed problem with faxing grayscale images converted from emails.
– Fixed problem with converting emails to faxes when the senders email address contains
capital letters.
– Fixed problem with sending non monochrome images using the web browser cilent.
– Check administrator privilegies at the begining of the install.
-ECM enabled

– New registration

– Added “no user routing” option.

– Added manual link
– Bug fixes reported by Peter
– Updated manual
-New installation
-New TimeLock
-10 days timelock
-Added DTMF routing support for Lucent, USR and Cirrus modems
-Added 30s delay when starting. (for Dialogic boards)
-Solved the “Group was created successfully problem”
-Web client added.
-Added play voice support for Dialogic boards(when DTMF digits should be
-Added the Email to Fax feature (State department)
-Solved problem with Gammalink boards using phone number prefixes.
-Solved problem with enumaration printers (Tony Mottola)
-Added support for NMS boards
-Added support for CTDaemon mail servers.