Barcode SDK / ActiveX Version History

  Version History

v.7.03.78 [08.21.2014]
– Stability improvement for writing barcode in the C#, VB.NET and J# samples

v.7.02 [05.12.2014]
– Changed demo license registration communication to HTTPS
– Added Proxy handling in the demo license registration
– Updated Image dlls (12.53 revision 486)

v.7.01 [01.10.2013]
– Added eLicense mechanism in all DLLs

v.7.00 [04.22.2013]
– Fixed barcode decoding when using faxable image setting

v.7.00 [04.02.2013]
– Fixed memory leak in 1D Barcode.

v.7.00 [11.04.2011]
– Improved detection in samples
– Improved 2D Datamatrix barcode detection

v.7.00 [10.12.2011]
– Added QR Code support
– Improved dialogs in samples
– Updated manuals

v.6.00 [05.12.2011]
– Added 64 bit support
– Added unicode file name support
– Updated Help file
– Improved 2D Datamatrix barcode detection
– Improved 1D barcode detection
– Removed Delphi and VB 6 samples

v.5.01 [05.04.2007]
– Fixes the decoding of the non standard Code39 barcodes

v.5.00 [1.29.2007]
– Updated 2D and PDF417 error correction

v.4.52 [12.21.2006]
– Make file fix

v.4.51 [7.13.2006]
– Binary samples added to DEMO 2D, P417 Read/write

v.4.50 [6.23.2006]
– Add ability for all barcode viewers to open TIFF files

v.4.44 [5.17.2006]
– Median filter added to 1D & Data Matrix samples
– Median filter added to P417 samples (only C++ binary samples)

v.4.43 [5.4.2006]
– BiBrP417.Dll update
– BiBrw1D.Dll update

v.4.42 [3.21.2006]
– fixes the detection of the Code39 barcodes

v.4.41 [3.8.2006]
– Modifications in Barcode samples

v.4.40 [2.14.2006]
– Add new J# samples
– Add new ASP .NET 2005 samples
– Change the interface of some methods in the OCXs
The reference and variant parameters are eliminated.

v.4.36 [1.31.2006]
-fixed bug for writing large data matrix barcodes

v.4.35 [1.18.2006]
-added Vb.Net Barcode Sample command line

v.4.34 [12.28.2005]
-Sample Source Code Bug Fixes

v.4.33 [12.20.2005]
– Sample Source Code Bug Fixes

v.4.32 [10.19.2005]
– Fixes PDF-417 binary barcode reading

v.4.31 [10.19.2005]
1D – Fixed problem detecting barcodes on images
containing photographs

v.4.30 [06.01.2005]
Datamatrix – Fixed problem with encoding 8 bit text

v.4.20 [04.01.2005]
Datamatrix – added support for binary data read and write

v.4.10 [10.04.2004]
– fixed problem with reading scanned datamatrix.
– Reading of non-standard PDF-417 DataMatrix
barcodes enhanced.
– Problem fixed with writting certain character
combination strings to PDF-417 DataMatrix

v.4.00 [08.30.2004]
– PDF-417 DataMatrix suppport added
– Matrix chaining option added to the 2D DataMatrix
Read and Write components
– Fixed small problem with reading 1D barcodes

v.3.00 [05.17.2004]
– 2D Data Matrix Barcode reading and writing has
been added

v.2.23 [05.03.2004]
– C++ projects can be built using Visual C++ .NET 2003

v.2.22 [04.13.2004]
– Reading of skewed barcodes was improved.
– BiTiff.dll dependency removed from the BiDisp.OCX

v.2.21 [04.07.2004]
– Fixed problem with writting barcode to 8 bit images converts
them into 24 bit images.
– Fixed crash with Skewed Reading in the C# sample
– Orientation detection for Codabar batcodes fixed.

v.2.20 [03.30.2004]
– Read and write linear 1D barcodes