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Black Ice Software’s IceViewer HTML5 allows users to access, view, edit, annotate, OCR, download, print, scan, and email PDF, TIFF, or FAX documents from any desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone with a simple web browser.

The HTML5 Document Viewing solution can be embedded or integrated with many in-house applications, including existing HR, CRM, ERM, Transportation, or Shipping applications to access documents in your database.

IceViewer HTML5 uses Content-Engines to access documents from your storage or document management system. Content-Engines offer endless possibilities for developers to create their engine for any storage or document management system.

    Key benefits of using the IceViewer

    • View, Edit, Annotate, Redact, Download, Print, or Email documents
    • Easy integration and document opening by using URL parameters
    • Content-Engines to access documents from your storage or document management system
    • Upload, open, view, annotate and save documents
    • Rotate, Deskew, and Cleanup documents
    • Supports TIFF, PDF, FAX, PNG, BMP, JPG, Etc... documents
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    • Search, and Highlight or Redact search matches
    • Redact Sensitive Information automatically
    • HTML5 Web Scanning capability
    • HTML5 Zero-footprint Viewer
    • Includes JavaScript API (Application Programming Interface) to allow developers to create a custom UI (User Interface) or manage the appearance of the UI
    • RESTful server-side API that allows developers to configure, and manage content requests and control the IceViewer server backend document processing
    • Is HIPAA compliant for medical documents, meaning the IceViewer has the capability to store every document in a secure database on a server and transmit the document to the user without having to store anything on the local PC’s hard-drive
    • Can be accessed and used from desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones, all you need is a supported internet browser

    IceViewer HTML5 Content-Engine

    The IceViewer HTML5 Content-Engine is the heart of IceViewer, which serves every request that requires opening or saving a document. If you open, upload, or save documents, the IceViewer Content-Engine will do the work for you.

    The IceViewer HTML5 can have multiple Content-Engines, when all engine serves a different type of storage or document management system, providing endless possibilities for developers to create their engine, and connect to any document management system, no matter how customized it is.

    The IceViewer HTML5 has two built-in Content-Engines: FileEngine and DatabaseEngine

    • The FileEngine allows users to open documents stored on the local disk, such as folders or shared network locations.
    • The DatabaseEngine allows users to pull documents from databases, which means the documents will never be saved to the hard drive.

    The IceViewer HTML5 Content-Engine comes with Events, allowing developers to subscribe to a set of IceViewer events for audit purposes, allowing Administrators to see if a document was accessed, or modified.

    Annotations to easily comment and mark up documents

    What are annotations? Annotations are objects that are graphically displayed on the document. Annotations add additional information to the document or emphasizes or redacts a specific part of the document.

    For example: Comment annotations can be added to the document, to make a comment on a page, or on a specific paragraph on the page, while redact annotations can be used to redact sensitive information, specific text or paragraphs from a document.

    The IceViewer HTML5 Includes the following annotations: Text, Comment, Note, Highlight, Redact, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Line, Arrow, Stamp, Rubber Stamp, Timestamp and Signature.

    Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

    Optical character recognition or OCR is a common method of digitizing printed texts, documents, sales receipts, mail or any scanned documents so that they can be electronically searched, edited, stored more compactly and displayed online.

    IceViewer HTML5 provides the possibility to transform scanned documents into editable and searchable text files, which can be conveniently viewed and shared via electronic means. The ability to instantly search through content is extremely useful, especially in an office setting that has to deal with high document inflow.

    Control the Entire Viewing Session from the URL

    IceViewer HTML5 supports certain URL parameters, that can be used to control the entire viewing session, including the followings:

    • The Document to be opened
    • The IceViewer HTML5 User Interface
    • The Content-Engine to be used

    When you specify the Document and the Content-Engine in the URL, the IceViewer HTML5 will retrieve the document from the designated storage or document management system managed by the given Content-Engine. This way, you can use multiple Content-Engines at the same time with IceViewer HTML5 by simply opening documents by URL.

    The IceViewer HTML5 also has a predefined user interface for embedding, that can be specified in the URL, allowing developers to integrate IceViewer HTML5 into their application without writing a single line of code.

    Intelligent Redact to protect information

    The IceViewer HTML5 comes with a built-in feature to automatically redact sensitive information from documents.

    The intelligent redact is extremely useful to redact sensitive or personal information from scanned documents before handing it over to third-parties.

    The IceViewer HTML5 can redact the followings automatically:

    • Social Security number
    • Credit Card number
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Date

    Built-in Administrative panel for site owners

    To customize the IceViewer HTML5, Site Owners no longer need to edit complicated configuration files! Under the hood, the IceViewer HTML5 has a complete Administration panel, where Administrators and Site Owners can configure the following:

    • Content-Engine: Configure the default Content-Engine for IceViewer HTML5, which will open and save documents from your storage or document management system.
    • User Interface: Which icons and features appear/are available for the viewing session.
    • Email Sending: Email Sending preferences for sending documents via email.
    • Document Management and Indexing: Configure Document Indexing and bind data to documents to make organizing and searching documents easier.
    • Event Logging for Audit: Enable the IceViewer HTML5 Event Logging for audit purposes, allowing Administrators to see if a document was accessed, or modified.
    • Database Content-Engine: If you would like to store the IceViewer HTML5 documents in a database, you can easily configure the database connection on the Admin panel.

    Application Programming Interface for Developers

    IceViewer HTML5 comes with a sophisticated JavaScript API for integration of the UI (User Interface) appearance and features with existing JavaScript, Java, ASP.NET, PHP, Python, or any other application. Just write a few lines of code and your IceViewer HTML5 integration is ready (streamline your integration.)

    The built-in back-end RESTful API allows developers to create background processes like OCR, document clean-up, converting the document, or searching text data.

    The server-side RESTful API can be used to utilize IceViewer HTML5 features.

    • Create Background Processes
    • Document Viewing, Editing, Saving
    • Downloading, Emailing Documents
    • OCR, Page Rotation, Document Cleanup
    • Getting Page and Document Information, including Annotations

    The IceViewer HTML5 Viewer can be self-hosted on the following platforms:


    Windows Server 2022

    Windows Server 2019

    Windows Server 2016

    Windows Server 2012 R2

    Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop

    VMware Horizon + ThinApp, VMware VCenter

    Microsoft RemoteApp, Microsoft Hyper-V, Hyper-V VDI

    * Please call for special licensing.

    Key features of the IceViewer HTML5

    • Access documents from a Desktop, Tablet, or Phone with a simple Internet Browser
    • Content-Engines to access documents from any storage or document management system
    • Support for URL parameters to open documents, and control the entire viewing session
    • JavaScript API for creating a customized user interface and functionality
    • Easy Integration and Embedding
    • RESTful API For Developers
    • Supports Edge and Chrome browsers
    • Supports TIFF, TIF, FAX, PDF, PNG, BMP, and JPG documents
    • Upload, Download, Print, and Email Documents Easily
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
      • OCR current page
      • OCR all pages
      • OCR Selected Area
      • OCR Selection to Clipboard
      • OCR selection and export as a text file
    • Search, and Highlight or Redact search matches
    • HTML5 Web Scanning capability
    • Comment, Note, Stamp, Signature Annotations and More
    • Redact Sensitive Information
    • Intelligent Redact For Social Numbers, Credit Cards, Emails and More
    • Rotate images or page(s)
    • Deskew images or page(s)
    • Invert images or page(s)
    • Advanced Document Cleanup Features for Scanned Documents
    • Search in document name and content
    • Thumbnail view for multipage documents
    • View multi-page TIFF/PDF files in Thumbnail Mode
    • Auto zoom, Fit to Width, Fit to Height, and Actual Size view modes
    • Zoom to percentage, and Magnifying Glass zoom modes
    • Rubberband Zoom Mode
    • Built-in document management system
    • No client-side installation or download is needed
    • Advanced Administrative Panel for Site Owners

    One license is good for one terminal server. The IceViewer HTML5 can be used by unlimited users on the terminal server.

    Black Ice Software offers different licensing models for corporate users and End Users. For more information, please visit the What license do I need? page.

    IceViewer HTML5 License License Price
    Per Server License (Unlimited Users) For pricing please call or contact

    *Please see End User License Agreement for legal definition of the licensing terms

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