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Black Ice Software Announces a New and Cost-Effective License Model to Meet the Printing Needs of Smaller Businesses

Nashua, NH, (September 30, 2009) -- Black Ice Software, a leading supplier of printing, imaging and image conversion solutions, is pleased to announce a new licensing policy for the printer driver product line. Effective today, the company is changing from application-based licensing to user and server-based licensing. Customers will experience a more simplified process to obtain the software.

Customers no longer have to sign an application license to use the printer driver applications. Now they can get authorization to use them by going online through the Black Ice eLicense Server at the time of purchase.

“Our new pricing structure and simplified licensing process will better serve our current and future customers. It will also meet the needs of new, small-volume distributors whose current budget would not allow for application-based licensing.” said CEO, Jozsef Nemeth.

The new licensing policy will have no effect on existing customers with an active maintenance plan, as long as they continue to renew it each year. The user and server-based licensing requires businesses to purchase a single runtime license for every user on Windows 7/Vista/XP operating systems and a server license for every Windows server 2008, Windows server 2003, or Citrix server. Terminal server users will not need additional user runtime licenses.

A drawback of application-based licensing is that customers have to obtain one license per application they are incorporating the printer drivers into. This makes it difficult for Black Ice Software to track the customer’s applications they are using the licenses for and control how they distribute them. This licensing model also puts small and midsized customers at a disadvantage because it makes no difference how many run time licenses the application requires. An application may need 10 runtime licenses or 5000 for the same licensing fee.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) still have an unlimited distributed option for the printer driver product line with a sliding price point. Manual licensing will still be available for some special OEM customers that have special requirements or customizations.

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