Impact Fax Broadcast 5.0 with Color Fax Released

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Black Ice Software Releases Impact Fax Broadcast 5.0 with Color Fax support.

Amherst, NH -- Black Ice Software, LLC (“Black Ice"), a worldwide provider of imaging, printing and communication applications and development tools, today announced the release of Impact Fax Broadcast 5.0. Impact Fax Broadcast is an established software application designed for reliable, high volume fax broadcasting.

Impact Fax Broadcast 5.0 expands the applications already considerable functionality by adding support for color fax broadcasts, allowing full color faxes to be sent to hundreds or thousands of contacts in a single session. When paired with high quality fax cards, such as Mainpine Ltd.’s RockForce DUO+, QUATRO+, and OCTO+, Impact Fax Broadcast 5.0 can quickly and reliably send fax information in full color or black & white at speeds up to 33.6KBPS, more than twice as fast as most standard fax transmissions.

The RockForce cards are Universal PCI 2.3 PNP compliant, 3.3V and 5.5V signaling, and a world beating short board format, enabling hassle-free physical installation into any server.

In addition to supporting the Mainpine RockForce fax cards, Impact Fax Broadcast 5.0 supports a wide range of fax hardware, including standard fax modems, multi-port fax modems, and intelligent fax boards.

Additional enhancements included in Impact Fax Broadcast 5.0 are support for Windows 2003 and terminal server operating systems, an improved fax engine, and support for Microsoft Office and PDF file email to fax conversion.

A fully functional evaluation version of Impact Fax Broadcast 5.0 can be downloaded from: Broadcast.htm

About Black Ice Software, LLC

Black Ice Software (, is an Amherst, NH based, privately-held software development company, established in 1989. Black Ice Software develops high- quality development toolkits for printer driver technology, fax, voice, and imaging development toolkits and applications used across the globe by e-commerce organizations, system integrators, VARS, and financial corporations, including some of the world’s most prominent companies.

About Mainpine

Technology leader Mainpine ( ) is a principal supplier of analog fax boards with over 8 years experience in the fax industry. With locations in both North America and England, Mainpine offers the highest quality and most reliable solutions utilizing fax, data, voice and speech technologies. With a Universal form factor and unmatched feature set, Mainpine is pioneering the way companies communicate.