New 64 Bit Printer Drivers Released

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Black Ice Software Announces the Release of 64 bit User-Mode Printer Drivers.

Amherst, NH April 2, 2007 -- Black Ice Software, LLC (“Black Ice"), a worldwide provider of imaging, printing and communication applications and development tools, today announced the release of Vista Compatible 64 bit User-Level version of their Monochrome, Color, ColorPlus, EMF and PDF Printer Drivers.

The 64 bit drivers contain all the same powerful features of the 32 Bit Printer Drivers including the Black Ice Printer Driver RTK (API) which includes several sample applications and utilities with full source code, written in many of the common 64 bit supported languages such as C++, Visual Studio and others.

The Printer Driver API (RTK) ensures fast integration of the Black Ice printer drivers with the developed application, including changing printer settings programmatically, easy installation samples, etc.

A fully functional evaluation version of the new 64 Bit Printer Drivers can be downloaded from Here .

About Black Ice Software, LLC

Black Ice Software (, is an Amherst, NH based, privately-held software development company, established in 1989. Black Ice Software develops high- quality development toolkits for printer driver technology, fax, voice, and imaging development toolkits and applications used across the globe by e-commerce organizations, system integrators, VARS, and financial corporations, including some of the world’s most prominent companies.