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Black Ice Software ® Announces Version 12 of the Monochrome, ColorPlus and PDF Printer Drivers

Enhancements made to these applications offer business users more functionality, greater licensing flexibility and simplified installation.

Nashua, NH March 26, 2010 -- Black Ice Software, a leading supplier of printing, imaging and faxing toolkits, announces the release of version 12 of the Monochrome, ColorPlus, and PDF printer drivers. The new releases include full support to use with Microsoft SharePoint®, a new printer manager module, a new e-mail module, and several user interface modifications to improve the end-user experience. One of the significant changes with the release of the 12.00 Printer Driver is individually licensed (end-user) printer drivers and the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) versions are now sold separately, allowing for flexible licensing for any environment or specific need.

"The simple SharePoint integration of the printer driver opens up a new opportunity for users and expands the deployment base of the printer drivers. The new installation process has drastically simplified the time and steps it takes to install the printer driver, printer management module, and e-mail interface. The new printer manager lays the foundation for more upcoming features and additions to the printers currently under development," said Jozsef Nemeth, CEO.

The SharePoint integration of the printer driver gives users three distinct ways to control the document upload process of PDF, true HTML, or image formats to their SharePoint server. The new email interface for the printer driver is rewritten and simplifies installations, email configurations, and email integration with Microsoft Outlook®, Lotus Notes®, and SMTP servers.

The Printer Manager utility helps end-users to manage their Black Ice printer drivers and provides a easy-to-navigate interface to control document conversion needs.

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