DataMatrix Barcode SDK Released
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Black Ice Software Announces their new DataMatrix Barcode SDK.

Amherst, NH March 14, 2007 -- Black Ice Software, LLC (“Black Ice"), a worldwide provider of imaging, printing and communication applications and development tools, today announced the release of their new DataMatrix Barcode SDK. This release has new functionality to automatically detect and fix damaged codewords

The new version of DataMatrix Barcode SDK contains new algorithms that not only detect flaws in the codewords, but now also repair the damages. This provides a new level of reliability to the product. Previous versions of the Black Ice Data Matrix readers were able to detect the damaged codewords, but by using the Peterson-Gorenstein-Zierler algorithm the barcodes are now repaired.

There are two different types of erroneous codewords that can be repaired with the new error correction functionality: “erasures” (damaged codewords at known locations) and “errors” (erroneous codewords at known locations). Up to 310 errors and up to 590 erasures can be fixed (in case of the largest, 144x144 logical sized symbol). The larger the symbol size, the more damaged codewords can be fixed.

A fully functional evaluation version of the new DataMatrix Barcode SDK can be downloaded from .

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