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Black Ice Software
TIFF Viewer 14.66 is released!
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Unlock the Power of the TIFF Viewer for the Ultimate Image and PDF Viewer and Editor!

We're thrilled to introduce you to your ultimate solution for unleashing the full potential of your PDF, Tiff and Fax files. With its multifaceted capabilities, the TIFF Viewer empowers you to view, edit, and manage your TIFF images like never before. Let's dive into the extraordinary features that make the TIFF and PDF Viewer your go-to tool for all things image or PDF-related.

Where Versatility Meets Convenience:

We understand that flexibility is key in today's dynamic world. That's why the TIFF Viewer doesn't stop at its standalone application. It also includes a Browser Extension and a Web Application designed for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Now, you can access and work with your TIFF and PDF documents right from your browser, whether you're at the office or on the go.

Stay Current with Version Updates:

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our regular updates; this release takes the user experience and productivity to new heights. Here are some highlights from recent versions:

  • Improved Signature Feature: Use the signature pad or touch screen for a smoother and easy-to-recognize signature.
  • Copy Selected Text: Now you can copy selected text that spans multiple pages from vector/editable PDF files.
  • Fresh User Interface: Experience a new user interface for the TIFF Viewer Core and the Extension Options window for a better user experience.
  • Integration with GPT-4: The OpenAI engine integration enables the "Have a conversation with the document" to quickly gather key information.
  • License Type Detection: Added license type detection during installation or update (special install, Citrix install, Manual install).
  • Improved Stability: Experience enhanced stability when opening IBM AFP documents.
  • Enhanced Installation: Enjoy an enhanced installation experience for Microsoft Edge Extension and Core.
  • Embedding Components: Added components for embedding the TIFF Viewer Core into websites.
  • Progress Window: Added a progress window for the Insert Pages option with stability enhancements.
  • Enhanced AI Assistant: The AI assistant "Have a conversation with the document" feature now has improved browser title display, stability enhancements, and more.


Stay tuned for future updates as we continue to refine and enhance the TIFF & PDF Viewer experience.

Zero-Footprint TIFF and PDF Viewer

The IceViewer is an HTML5-based document viewer and editor recommended for customers who want a centralized document viewing system that can be accessed from any web-ready device without a local client install. The IceViewer is easy to integrate with existing applications and can be easily embedded into a webpage with Advance Administrator options and much more.
Please contact for more details.

The complete list of improvements in the latest TIFF Viewer includes the following:

DATE: 09-04-2023
Version: 14.66 (revision 2272)

  • Stability improvement for saving into PDF image format from Tiff Viewer Standard (#16730)

DATE: 08-28-2023
Version: 14.65 (revision 2260)

  • New user interface for TIFF Viewer Core and Extension Options window (#16664, #16663)
  • Added support for GPT-4 OpenAI engine for the “Have a conversation with the document” feature in TIFF Viewer Core and Extension (#16647)
  • New feature: Copying text from vector/editable PDF files without OCR (#16103)
  • Stability improvements for the AI Assistant in the TIFF Viewer Extension (#16721)
  • Stability improvements for the TIFF Viewer Extension opening PDF documents in Dynamic Embedding iframe when the "Allow access to file URLs" is disabled (#16724)
  • Improved Signature feature handwriting capture when using the signature pad or touch screen (#16683)

DATE: 08-08-2023
Version: 14.61 (revision 2248)

  • Added license type detection during update (special install, Citrix install, Manual install) (#15790,#16686)
  • Minor user interface improvement for the Tiff Viewer installers (#16015, #16016, #16017)

DATE: 07-27-2023
Version: 14.60 (revision 2246)

  • Stability improvement for opening IBM AFP documents in the TIFF Viewer Core (#16665)

DATE: 07-18-2023
Version: 14.59 (revision 2245)

  • Stability improvement for the PDF Preview Handler in Outlook or File Explorer on Windows Server (#16658)
  • Updated license agreements of third-party components (#16524)

DATE: 07-13-2023
Version: 14.58 (revision 2244)

  • Disabled the “Ask me what to do with each download” option in Microsoft Edge when installing the Tiff Viewer Chrome Extension or Tiff Viewer Core (#16652, #16653, #16656)
  • Stability improvement for installing the Tiff Viewer Extension for Microsoft Edge on systems that are not in a domain (#16654)

DATE: 06-28-2023
Version: 14.57 (revision 2242)

  • Added components for the TIFF Viewer Core to help developers embed the TIFF Viewer Core viewer into their website (#16626)

DATE: 06-26-2023
Version: 14.56 (revision 2241)

  • Added progress window for the Insert Pages option, to prevent Tiff Viewer from going into “Not Responding” state (#16595)
  • Stability improvement for uninstalling Tiff Viewer with the MSI installer when the license is not valid (#16600)
  • Fixed handle leak during license checking (#16602)

DATE: 06-05-2023
Version: 14.55 (revision 2236)

  • Added AI assistant feature “Have a conversation with the document” to the TIFF Viewer Core and Extension, supporting Abbreviations, Quick Questions, and Creativity Features (#16475)
  • New feature to display the document name in the browser Title in the TIFF Viewer Core and Extension (#16486)
  • Stability improvement by disabling cache for the TIFF Viewer Core to avoid layout problems when upgrading the TIFF Viewer to a newer version (#16476)
  • Stability improvement for opening TIFF files using JPEG compression type 6 with missing JPEG tags (#16480)
  • Stability improvement for opening JPEG compressed TIFF files with invalid Bits Per Sample tags
  • To open the affected files the “Faster TIFF file loading (Load TIFF file into memory)” option must be turned off (#16515)

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