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Empowering Medical Workflows!
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Hospitals and Nurses can greatly benefit from the Tiff Viewer's existing AI technology with minimal investment, while still using their existing EMR systems and other software.

The Black Ice Tiff and PDF viewer now includes integrated with Open AI's ChatGPT, offering an effortless solution to increase Nurse's productivity.

Below is a use case provided by a Nurse from Tufts Medical Center:

Using AI to Process Patient Record Transfers- One common use case could be in transitions of care (TOC). When patients (pts) are transferred from one facility to another. The problem with TOC is that many facilities don't use the same EMR system. For example, many acute rehabs, skilled nursing facilities or rural community hospitals don't have the budget to use larger EMR systems like Epic or Cerner, so the TOC paperwork is converted to a PDF and either faxed or hand delivered with the patient when they arrive. This then leaves the new facilities with a large number of records to parse so they can gather key information about the patient.

The most important information to read from these documents include information such as:

  1. Patient's full name and date of birth
  2. Insurance information
  3. Health care proxy information
  4. code status - Full code or DNR/DNI
  5. Allergy list
  6. Medication list
  7. Problem list (all patient's diagnoses)
  8. The chief complaint or History of present illness (HPI)
  9. Past surgeries
  10. Medical devices
  11. Recent lab results
  12. Recent imaging results

The Tiff Viewer with ChatGPT integration can streamline this process, allowing nurses to quickly search a large medical PDF or Tiff file for the above key information.
The Tiff Viewer AI can even process abbreviations when analyzing PDF & TIFF medical documents, for example: “code status" will look for text such as "DNR" "DNI" "FULL CODE" or "ASSUME FULL CODE," "CC" means "chief complaint", and "HPI" or "history of present illness".

The abbreviations can even be customized to meet the needs of the Nurses and their facility.

Zero-Footprint TIFF and PDF Viewer

The IceViewer is an HTML5-based document viewer and editor recommended for customers who want a centralized document viewing system that can be accessed from any web-ready device without a local client install. The IceViewer is easy to integrate with existing applications and can be easily embedded into a webpage with Advance Administrator options and much more.
Please contact for more details.

The complete list of improvements in the latest TIFF Viewer includes the following:

DATE: 06-26-2023
Version: 14.56 (revision 2241)

  • Added progress window for the Insert Pages option, to prevent Tiff Viewer from going into the “Not Responding” state (#16595)
  • Stability improvement for uninstalling Tiff Viewer with the MSI installer when the license is not valid (#16600)
  • Fixed handle leak during license checking (#16602)
  • Updated eLicense.dll to version 6.37.325
  • Updated BuRegister.dll to version 17.41.3051

DATE: 05-25-2023
Version: 14.55 (revision 2226)

  • Added "Let's talk about your document" AI assistant feature to the TIFF Viewer Core and Extension (#16475)
  • New feature to display the document name in the browser Title in the TIFF Viewer Core and Extension (#16486)
  • Stability improvement for cache control for the TIFF Viewer Core to avoid layout problems when upgrading the TIFF Viewer to a newer version (#16476)
  • Stability improvement for opening TIFF files using JPEG compression type 6 with missing JPEG tags (#16480)
  • Stability improvement for opening JPEG compressed TIFF files with invalid Bits Per Sample tags (#16515)
  • Updated BiImg1.dll (BiTiff) to version 13.10.973 to fix opening JPEG compressed TIFF files with invalid Bits Per Sample tags

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