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TIFF Viewer 14.52 is released!
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We are thrilled to unveil version 14.52 of our TIFF Viewer Core and Chrome/Edge extension. Packed with enhancements based on your feedback, this release takes user experience and productivity to new heights.

TIFF Viewer Core:

  • Improved Control Environment: The TIFF Viewer Core now seamlessly determines the Downloads Folder and ensures reliable document openings, even in highly restricted environments controlled by Group Policy.
  • Streamlined Installation: The latest version automatically installs to the User Default browser if it's Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, eliminating unnecessary steps.
  • Enhanced Downloads Folder Handling: We've fine-tuned the Core to locate the Edge/Chrome Downloads Folder configured through Group Policy. It can also handle cases where User Edge/Chrome Downloads Folder is redirected to another directory.
  • Intelligent Folder Location Detection: In situations where the AppData folder accessibility is limited, the TIFF Viewer Core will intelligently retrieve the Downloads Folder location from the base Configuration XML file in the Program Files directory.
  • Improved File Handling: Our improved TIFF Viewer Core now has better handling of filenames with special characters like "#".

Better and Faster:

  • Improved Navigation: Enjoy quicker page navigation with keyboard shortcuts, saving you time when working with multi-page documents.
  • Search Progress Cancelation: We've added a new feature that allows you to cancel search progress, especially beneficial when dealing with large files.

User-Friendly Interface:

  • Versatile User Interface: Our interface has undergone significant improvements, making it more adaptable and user-friendly.
  • Thumbnail Sidebar Enhancements: The thumbnail sidebar now adjusts to fit the available space, providing a more seamless browsing experience.
  • Shortcut Enhancements: We've introduced convenient keyboard shortcuts for Thumbnail View, enabling quick page scrolling using Page Up and Page Down keys.
  • Instant Document Information Access: Easily access vital document information with the
    Ctrl + D shortcut, which is ideal for PDF documents.

Simplified Download:

  • Effortless Document Retrieval: Our TIFF Viewer Chrome/Edge extension now features a simplified download option. It seamlessly downloads documents from the original URL without any user prompts, ensuring a seamless experience.

Smoother Installation and Updates:

  • Intelligent Startup Process: We've optimized the startup process to switch to Google Chrome if it's the default browser or Edge browser is not installed, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience.
  • Streamlined Updates: Updating to the latest version is now a breeze, even if the "View PDF documents in Tiff Viewer Core Web App" option is enabled.

Zero-Footprint TIFF and PDF Viewer

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The complete list of improvements in the latest TIFF Viewer includes the following:

DATE: 05-17-2023
Version: 14.52 (revision 2216)

  • New Feature for TIFF Viewer Core to use the User Default Browser automatically (#16498)
  • Stability improvements for TIFF Viewer Core, if the browser Downloads folder is overwritten or redirected in the Group Policy Settings (#16497, #16496)
  • Stability improvements for reading the TIFF Viewer Core configurations, if the Application Data folder is not accessible on the System (#16495)
  • Added the COREBROWSER parameter for Tiff Viewer MSI installers (#16494)

DATE: 05-03-2023
Version: 14.51 (revision 2212)

  • Added option to change the page size of documents (#15996)
  • Faster navigation between the pages in the TIFF Viewer Extension and Core (#16428)
  • New feature to display Document Information using the Ctrl + D shortcut in the TIFF Viewer Extension and Core (#16445)
  • New feature to cancel the search progress in the TIFF Viewer Extension and Core (#16427)
  • Improved the TIFF Viewer Chrome / Edge Extension Download feature to download the documents from the original URL (#15857, #15853)
  • User Interface improvements for the Thumbnail sidebar in the TIFF Viewer Extension and Core (#16432)
  • Added Page Up and Page Down keyboard shortcuts to the Thumbnail View feature in the TIFF Viewer Extension and Core (#16431)
  • Stability improvements for opening documents with "#" characters in the filename with TIFF Viewer Core (#16471)
  • Stability improvements for opening documents with TIFF Viewer Core, if Edge browser is not installed (#16472)
  • Stability improvements for filling multi-line fields in PDF forms in the TIFF Viewer Extension and Core (#16426)
  • Stability improvements for printing certain PDF documents with the TIFF Viewer Core (#16459)
  • Minor usability improvements for configuring the Zoom on the Options window in the TIFF Viewer Extension and Core (#16440)
  • Compatibility improvements for Line annotation line width between TIFF Viewer and TIFF Viewer Core/Extension (#15548)
  • Stability improvements to update the Tiff Viewer if "View PDF documents in Tiff Viewer Core Web App" option was enabled (#16465)
  • Updated Black Ice JavaScript library to version 1.00.004

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