Black Ice Software - IceViewer HTML5 Viewer 1.65 is released!
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IceViewer HTML5 Viewer 1.65 is released!
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Black Ice Software's latest release of the IceViewer version 1.65 comes with dozens of new features and significant improvements for both developers, administrators, and end-users!

The IceViewer now supports URL parameters, allowing developers to specify the document, the IceViewer User Interface, and the newly introduced Content-Engine to be used. By using URL parameters, developers can integrate the IceViewer into their application, open documents with the IceViewer and control the entire viewing session without writing a single line of code.

The new IceViewer has stability improvements for displaying and saving Signature, Note, Comment, Rubber Stamp, and Timestamp annotations into TIFF documents. The IceViewer now also includes further improvements to keep the annotations compatible with the TIFF Viewer, ensuring that annotations will look the same in both Black Ice products.

The latest IceViewer release includes improved OCR and Search features, providing more search results, and more user-friendly navigation between the search results.

The JavaScript API has been extended in the latest IceViewer version, including two new features, one to Burn In annotations into the TIFF document and another to get the list of selected annotations on the current page, providing developers more possibilities to take advantage of the IceViewer HTML5 Viewer.

Administrators can now disable or enable annotations for users, controlling access to deleting, modifying, or creating annotations. Administrators also have improved security functionality with simplified authentication methods, a new Password Admin panel, and improved encryption of passwords.

The complete list of improvements in the latest IceViewer includes the following:

DATE : 12-23-2022
Version : 1.65 (revision 290)

  • New Feature to change the built-in Administrator password in the Admin Panel (#16064)
  • Security improvements to encrypt the built-in Administrator password (#16064)
  • Stability improvements for displaying more detailed error messages in case of an Internal Server Error (#15999)

DATE : 12-14-2022
Version : 1.60 (revision 286)

  • New Feature for Administrators to hide the First Time Welcome Tutorial for users (#16030)
  • Changed the IceViewer to use the built-in simplified authentication method when accessing the Admin Panel (##16065)
  • Stability improvements for creating the IceViewer Website, when the provided port number is already used (#16047)
  • Stability improvements for creating Self-Signed Certificate for the IceViewer Website during the installation (#16048)
  • Stability improvements for saving JPEG images with TIF file extension (#15852)
  • Added the IceViewer items to the Windows Start menu (#15541)
  • Minor user interface improvement for the IceViewer installer (#15774, #11988)

DATE : 10-21-2022
Version : 1.57 (revision 282)

  • Minor user interface improvements when the IceViewer is embedded in a Web Application (#15863, #15862)

DATE : 10-13-2022
Version : 1.56 (revision 280)

  • Added new feature for Administrators to disable creating, modifying, deleting annotations for users (#15817)

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