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IceViewer HTML5 Viewer 1.55 is released!
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Black Ice Software's latest release of the IceViewer includes a new feature called the Content Engine. The Content Engine helps Developers and System Administrators integrate the IceViewer into their application and connect the IceViewer to their preferred document management system with ease.

The Content Engine is the new heart of the IceViewer. The Content Engine serves every request that requires opening or saving a document. If you open, upload, or save documents, the IceViewer Content Engine will handle the work for you.

The IceViewer can be configured with multiple Content Engines. Every engine serves a type of storage or document management system, providing endless possibilities for Developers and System Integrators to create their engines and connect to any document management system, no matter how customized it is.

The IceViewer has two built-in Content-Engines, FileEngine and DatabaseEngine.

  • The FileEngine allows users to open documents stored on the local disk, such as folders or shared network locations.
  • The DatabaseEngine allows users to pull documents from a database, which means the documents will never be saved to the local hard drive.

The IceViewer Content Engine also includes Events. The Events allow Developers and System Administrators to subscribe to a set of events for audit purposes, such as seeing if a document was accessed or modified. The Content Engine can issue Events when a document is Accessed, Saved, Printed, Downloaded, Uploaded, or Deleted.

If you would like to know more about the new IceViewer Content Engine, please visit our website, see our online documentation, or contact our sales department for more information.

The complete list of improvements in the latest IceViewer includes the following:

DATE : 10-03-2022
Version : 1.55 (revision 275)

  • Added Content-Engine to allow administrators and developers to integrate IceViewer with their document management system (#15543)
  • Added Event subscriptions as part of the Content-Engine feature (#15542)
  • Added the product name to the Manual Registration dialog (#15707)
  • Stability improvements for saving and loading Signature annotations (#15720)
  • Stability improvements for saving and loading Note and Comment annotations (#15732)
  • Stability improvements for editing Note annotations through the IceViewer, and the Note background color changes to white (#15737)
  • Stability improvements for uploading PNG images to IceViewer (#15718)
  • Stability improvements for OCR while uploading documents to IceViewer (#15746)
  • Stability improvements for displaying OCR and hOCR in IceViewer result after each other (#15750)
  • Stability improvements for burn-in annotations, if the document pages have different Color Depths to IceViewer (#15747)
  • Stability improvements for Text annotation Font Sizes when saving annotations (#10956)
  • Stability improvements for displaying Page Information for PDF documents (#15322)
  • Major improvements for searching in documents - more search results (#12055, #15769, #10924)
  • Stability improvements for displaying Rubber Stamp, Comment and Timestamp annotations (#15766, #15767)
  • Minor user interface improvements for selecting the default Compression, when Saving As a document (#15538)
  • Stability improvements for validating the filename, when Uploading documents with the Scanner App (#15684, #15736)
  • Extended JavaScript API functionality to Burn In annotations, and to get the list of selected annotations on the page (#15738)
  • Minor user interface improvements for IceViewer installer (#15713)
  • Updated BuRegister.dll to version 17.12.2886

DATE : 08-11-2022
Version : 1.50 (revision 240)

  • New features to see pages in Side-by-Side View, 3-Pages View or Mosaic View (#15440)
  • Added Black Ice BiVPDF components for the improved support of PDF documents (#15536, #15530)
  • Stability improvements sharing and emailing private documents (#12915)
  • More detailed error messages, when registering the IceViewer on the Admin panel (#15540)
  • Updated Document Imaging DLLs to version 13.05.946

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