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TIFF Viewer 13.96 is released!
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The Latest Tiff Viewer now includes a Text Search feature when viewing Editable PDF documents, saving users time from having to OCR the document. Additionally, the latest release added new and improved document management features specifically for muti-page documents with new Cut/Split documents and Extract pages features.

The new Text Search feature is especially beneficial for customers who use a mixture of Tiff and PDF documents in their everyday workflow. The new Text Search allows users to quickly locate key details or information within a document saving precious time that would have otherwise been spent manually searching or OCRing the document. The Text search without OCR also includes the automated Highlight and Redact features that users are familiar with from our OCR Search feature. These features are important when users have to complete manual document processing like in an EMR application to find patient-relevant information quickly and efficiently. Although Search with OCR is still significantly slower it is an indispensable tool for both Tiff and flattened PDF documents.

Everyday manual document management requires simple, quick, and efficient tools to move, copy, delete and organize pages in a document. The latest Cut/Split documents and Extract pages are additional tools to help satisfy these requirements to allow users to work more efficiently.

Zero-Footprint TIFF and PDF Viewer

The HTML5-based IceViewer is recommended for customers with the TIFF Viewer Chrome/Edge extension or IE Browser Plug-in who want a centralized document viewing system ready to be used without any local client installs. The IceViewer is easy to integrate with existing applications as well, with Advance Administrator options and the ability to embed the IceViewer into a webpage and much more.
Please contact for technical details.

The complete list of improvements in the latest TIFF Viewer includes the following:

DATE : 07-28-2022
Version : 13.96 (revision 1995)

  • Added Text Search feature for PDF documents (#15381)
  • Added Text Search feature for PDF documents in the Chrome / Edge extension (#15436)
  • Minor user interface improvements in the Chrome / Edge extension, renamed “Search in Document” to “Search with OCR” (#15372)
  • Minor user interface improvements for the Home tab, renamed “Search” to “OCR & Search” (#15373)
  • Minor user interface improvements for the “Text Search” and “OCR Search” windows (#15335)
  • Minor user interface improvements Chrome / Edge extension, when trying to open PDF documents from the local computer (#15402)
  • Stability improvement for scrolling to the found text when the view mode is set to Single Page View or Multi-Page View (#15387)
  • The “Copy Selected Area” feature only copies text to the clipboard if the OCR result is not empty (#15374)
  • Added a progress dialog when using “Copy Selected Area” or OCR features from the right-click context menu (#15375)
  • New feature for Chrome / Edge extension to save the last used View Mode automatically (#15391)
  • Stability improvement for the selected annotation being visible on all pages in multi-page view (#15393)
  • Added new dialogs for splitting, cutting the document into pages and extracting specific pages from the document (#15153)
  • Stability improvement for installing Tiff Viewer with the NOSERIAL=1 MSI parameter. (Fixes the “Install error. (1)” problem) (#15463)

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