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Black Ice Software - July 13, 2011

Document Imaging SDK 64bit now available!


Black Ice Software is proud to announce the release of the Document Imaging SDK 12.00 family of products with 64 bit compiler support for .NET and UNICODE file name generation. The effected products now available in 64 bit compilers.

Tiff SDK/ActiveX
Image SDK/ActiveX
Document Imaging ActiveX
Annotation SDK/ActiveX
Image PDF SDK/ActiveX
Cover Page Generator

The benefits of 64-bit hardware can only be fully achieved if the installed software is designed to take advantage of the all features of the 64 bit hardware. Software intended for 32-bit computers, although compatible, will generate few, if any, of the desired benefits when it is installed on a 64-bit computer.

Black Ice Document Imaging SDKs version 12.00 have separate installers for 32bit and 64-bit development. Learn more and download a demo at   www.blackice.com/DocumentImagingSDKActiveX.

- Added 64 bit compiler support
- Added Unicode file name support
- Added support for DICOM format
- Added more precise colorspace conversion functions
- Added an extra CMYK colorspace to emulate Photoshop's CMYK colorspace
- Added merge colorspace channels option
- Added LittleCMS for colorspace management
- Added Read and write Microsoft DIB version 4 and version 5
- Added embedded color profile read and write capability for JPEG, TIFF, DIBv4 and DIBv5 formats

Additionally, all the sample applications are now available in 64 bit format in the Document Imaging SDK, to demonstrate the new document conversion capabilities and features. The product is fully .NET compatible and also provides sample source code written in C#, VB.NET, and C++ to demonstrate the powerful document conversion options

Some of the key feature of the Document Imaging SDK are:

- Display
- Compression
- TWAIN Scanning
- File Formats
- TIFF File Processing
- Printing
- Advanced Printing
- Document Imaging
- Fax Image Processing
- Web/ASP Imaging
- Image Processing Techniques
- Color Space Conversion
- Color Depth Conversion
- Transformations
- Common Dialogs
- Database
- Effects and Filters
- Text Processing
- Annotation
- PDF Read/Write
- Sample Code
- Thumbnail Control
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