Black Ice Software - TIFF Viewer 13.00 is released!
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TIFF Viewer 13.00 is released!
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Several of our customers have large databases with legacy IBM MO:DCA IOCA files beside TIFF files.

Black Ice Software added a feature of opening IBM MO:DCA IOCA files with the file extension of .ICA, .MAC, .AFP to the Tiff Viewer desktop application. The new feature to open IBM MO:DCA IOCA files is also available with the Internet Explorer Browser Plug-in.

In light of the Internet Explorer web browser's retirement on June 15, 2022, Black Ice Software offers an easy migration to Chrome / Edge browsers with the TIFF Viewer Chrome / Edge extension.

The TIFF Viewer Chrome / Edge extension comes with a wide range of features, such as a fully customizable User Interface, full control over User features, OCR, Search, Redact, and many more viewing and editing capability for TIFF documents.

Black Ice Software's recent release of Tiff Viewer 13.00 includes several new features related to legacy systems.

  • Open old-style JPEG files using TIFF Tags (513).
  • Open Legacy IBM MO:DCA IOCA files.
  • Open unknown file types as a Text file.
  • The File type detection (.TIF, .TIFF, .JPG, .PNG) is now detected by the file content and Tiff Viewer no longer relies on the file extension.

Complete MODI Replacement!

With Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI) reaching End of Life, it is no longer consider to be HIPAA compliant. The Black Ice Tiff Viewer is capable of viewing, editing and printing scanned/faxed TIFF images and other image types, resulting in an ideal substitute for MODI. When paired with the Black Ice Printer Drivers users can convert any file format to Tiff, PDF and more. The evaluation copy of both solutions is fully functional for 15 days with free priority technical support during your evaluation. Once the demo period is over you may contact our sales team for information on how to obtain a license.

The complete list of improvements in the latest TIFF Viewer includes the following:

DATE : 06-04-2021
Version : 13.00 (revision 1715)

  • Added missing “Your Demo registration number” and “Your Demo License Number” text to the manual registration window. (#14037)

DATE : 05-21-2021
Version : 13.00 (revision 1699)

  • Added support for reading IOCA and MO:DCA files to the Browser Plug-in (#13971)
  • Added administrator option to open unknown file types with Notepad (#13824)
  • Added administrator option to open unknown file types as Text in Tiff Viewer (#13978)
  • Stability improvement for reading JPEG compressed TIFF images that use the JPEGInterchangeFormat (513) TIFF tag. (#13936)
  • Stability improvement for reading longer text annotations (#13943)
  • Stability improvements for uninstalling and updating Tiff Viewer when the Tiff Viewer Chrome Extension is currently in use on the system. (#13923)
  • Stability improvement for checking file existence and access rights when using the Previous Image and Next Image buttons (#13922)
  • Fixed incorrect default directory for the ‘Restrict file saving to the following directory’ option (#13975)
  • Added default values and descriptions to the TiffViewer.ini (#13974)
  • Minor user interface improvement (#13973)
  • Updated BiTIFF to version 12.82.801

DATE : 04-23-2021
Version : 12.98 (revision 1676)

  • New feature to force open each TIFF file in a New Tab in the Chrome / Edge extension (#13884)
  • The cut and split tools remember the last location the user selected (#13870)
  • Stability improvement for checking file existence and access rights in the cut and split tools (#13902, #13903, #13913, #13914, #13916)
  • Stability improvement for the cut and split tools (#13881, #13882, #13883, #13898)
  • Renamed the Tiff Viewer installers (#13910, #13908)
  • Stability improvements for logging in the Email sending feature (#12853)
  • Added support to reading IOCA and MO:DCA images (#13918)
  • Updated BiTIFF to version 12.82.799
  • Updated manuals

Free Upgrades and Priority Support

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