March 2011 - Reseller Appreciation Month!

Greetings Valued Reseller,

Thank you for your continued business with Black Ice Software/

MARCH is reseller appreciation Month here at and we would like to extend a once a year offer of 35% off any new Fax Product purchase. This special offer is valid for the whole month of March and expires March 31, 2011.

This is a great opportunity to inform your Customers to take advantage of the many new features recently updated in our products.

Discounts will be applied automatically during checkout for all resellers.

For your convenience we have outlined the most important new features and modifications of recent months as well as provided direct download links to all of our fully functioning demos below.

Print2RDP New Features

Non-standard paper size support

There are many new features now available for our Print2RDP users. All the paper sizes the physical printers support will now be available on the server side including non-standard paper sizes. E.g. if a label printer is connected on the local machine, when printing a document from the server every paper size of the label printer will be automatically displayed in the paper list when a document is printed from the server.

Customers will be able to print labels and receipts to local printers from a wide variety of server-side applications.

Further improvements include:

  • Improved temporary font handling, for better PDF outputs
  • Improved default printer detection
  • Improved printing speeds
  • Enhanced connectivity/session control
  • Better multiple printer management
  • Improved handling of shared printers
  • Easier registration process

Tiff Viewer New Features

NEW Product! Tiff Viewer Server Edition

The Tiff Viewer is now available in a Server Edition for Terminal Server environments. Not only does the Server Edition offer compatibility for Windows Terminal Servers up to 2008 R2(32/64bit) AND Citrix, but also includes a License Manager for seamless registration and pricing to suite any need or environment!

Tiff Viewer with SharePoint®

Tiff Viewer and Tiff Viewer Server now can save or retrieve tiff document files from a SharePoint server. The Tiff Viewer v8.30 fills the need for easy access to SharePoint from Tiff Viewer. The Black Ice Tiff Viewer Browser Plug-in fully integrates SharePoint access and makes Tiff document viewing simple and efficient. SharePoint Uploader is also available from the browser plug-in.

Email documents with Tiff Viewer

Both Tiff Viewer and Tiff Viewer Server are now capable of sending a TIFF document as an email attachment or right from the Browser Plug-In user interface.

MSI installer is available for Tiff Viewer

A new MSI installer is now available for IT managers with large scale deployments. The new MSI install will simplify Tiff Viewer installations in large or enterprise environments. To obtain Tiff Viewer MSI installers, System Administrators should contact with your order number.

Improved Document Management tools

  • Punch Hole Removal tool quickly removes holes created by hole punchers
  • Remove Black Border tool removes the black borders of the scanned images and replaces the black pixels with white pixels!
  • Line Removal tool removes the annoying horizontal lines due to communication noise in faxed documents
  • Go to Page tool will load the desired page
  • Move Image tool moves an image from one position(page) to another in a multipage file
  • Insert Tiff Image tool adds a page either before or after a specific page in a TIFF file

Print2Email New Features

Up to 90% smaller PDF output

From version 8.55 Print2Email can generate significantly smaller PDF output size due to Font subsetting. Additionally Print2Email's new font embedding technology can handle licensed fonts separately and can also optionally leave out standard Adobe and Windows fonts for further PDF file size reduction.

MSI installer is available for Print2Email

The new MSI installer will simplify Print2Email installations for IT managers in large or enterprise environments. To obtain the Print2Email MSI installer, System Administrators should contact with your order number.

PC-based licensing in Print2Email v8.57

Licensing of Print2Email has been re-designed in version 8.57. Previously, one license was good for only one User. Version 8.57 Print2Email is licensed per PC on Windows 7/Vista/XP operating systems. For multiple users on the same PC, additional licenses are NOT required. For installations on different PCs, you will still need enough licenses to cover the total number of PCs.

Further Improvements Include:

  • Windows Live Mail 2011 support
  • 64 bit Microsoft Outlook 2010 support - On 64 bit platforms any existing 32 bit application can send email directly, just by printing, to Outlook 2010.
  • MAPI Address book when sending through SMTP server This feature is very useful if one would like to use his own Address book to locate recipients and send an email using a custom SMTP server not through the MAPI profile.
  • Improved MAPI detection for detecting default mail clients
  • SSL support for increase security
  • Various stability enhancements

FileMorph New Features

FileMorph Server now includes License Manager

The FileMorph Server Edition not only offers compatibility for Windows or Terminal Server environments up to 2008 R2(32/64bit) and Citrix, but also includes a License Manager for seamless registration and pricing to suite any need or environment!

Black Ice License Manager (BILM) is a service (with User Interface) which allows system administrators to register and control registration of the software, and provides silent registration for users.