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With 2021 coming to a close, we wanted to take a moment to summarize some of the major improvements made to the Printer Driver in the past year.

Recent Improvements

  • Added Searchable Compact PDF file format as an output file type
  • Added Content-Based File Naming
  • NEW Page Formatting Tab
  • NEW Photo quality filters
  • Improved license transferring
  • NEW custom resolutions
  • Improved text extraction options
  • Export Configurations from existing Printer Drivers for large-scale deployment.

Searchable Compact PDF

The Searchable Compact PDF file format allows users to generate searchable PDF files from non-searchable documents (Image PDF, TIFF, or other image-based documents). In addition to searchability, in searchable PDF files, the text can be selected and copied from the generated PDF document. Using the “Searchable Compact PDF - OCR (*.pdf)” format, the Printer Driver applies Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to the file and converts the image-based text into searchable text, and then automatically overlays the text on the image.

Page Formatting options

The new Page formatting tab of the Printer Manager includes features like Trim whitespace, Crop Margins or Areas, or Split documents. The Trim whitespace feature can be extremely useful in the Oil and Gas Drilling industry when it comes to printing logs with unique page lengths, where printing can result in a large white space on the bottom of the page. The Crop Margins and Areas feature is an efficient way for users to automatically crop, or cut away the unwanted areas and borders of the printed pages, while the Split Documents feature allows users to split the printed documents after a specific number of pages.

Focus on Stability and Performance

With a growing install base and corporate adoption of the Printer Driver, we have put a focus on stability and performance from the perspective of the System Administrators. The “Export Current Printer Driver Configuration” option allows administrators to conveniently generate an .INI file for future MSI installations and for configuring Roaming Domain Users. One other main criteria for Administrators is to configure the Printer Driver and limit the user’s ability to change critical configurations or some features for security and reliability. For this purpose, we have added the Configure Printing Preferences Tabs option to the Printer Manager, which allows administrators to hide Printing Preferences Tabs from users.

This year’s improvements also included the implementation of a faster text extraction feature, new Photo quality filters (dithering) to improve FAX resolution and major quality improvements for printing PDF and vector arc objects.

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A full list of improvements since version 6.0, from December 2001, can be found here as well.

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