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Document Imaging version 13.05 is released!
Document Imaging version 12.75 is released!
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The Document Imaging SDK’s latest release now includes new PDF features for developers to Text-Search PDF documents and Create Searchable PDFs! Additionally, new Annotation functions have been added for better text editing along with multiple enhancements to the usability of other existing Annotations.

The new Text-Search feature adds the ability to quickly search editable vector PDFs that contain font information. Developers can use the Text-Search to retrieve the text position and additional data for various text processing such as invoice lookup, patient record lookup, auto-redact, or auto-highlight.

The latest release is now capable of creating searchable PDFs from any image file such as, Faxes or scanned documents, and then resaving the document as a searchable PDF.
With these new PDF features, users can perform OCR and Search in real-time to more easily edit PDF documents.
The new PDF features are using OCR and text overlay technology to produce the searchable PDF.

Some of the main Annotation improvements revolve around editing Comment and Note annotation. Users are now more easily able to highlighting text to change font, color, and more or alternatively make the changes at the curser position in the text. For more detail about other Annotation improvements see the version notes below.

The complete list of improvements in the latest Document Imaging includes the following:

DATE: 11-11-2022
Version: 13.05 (revision: 955)

  • Annotation - Rubber stamps are now also available in French, German and Spanish (#15278)
  • Annotation - Added function to manually set the keyboard focus to the selected comment annotation's editor dialog (#15549)
  • Annotation - Added functions to set the font style at the current cursor position only when text is not selected in the comment annotation's editor dialog (#15550)
  • Display - Fixed scrolling issue in DPI-scaled view mode (DISP_SCALED) when the image is centered in the window (#15731)
  • PDF - Added functions for generating Searchable PDF files using OCR (#15015)
  • PDF - Added functions for searching in PDF files and retrieving text from the OCR result on the pages (#15422)
  • Samples - Stability improvement for opening certain BMP files (top-down BMP files with negative height) (#15597)
  • TIFF - Stability improvement for using the DeleteTiffTagOfImage function with certain JPEG compressed TIFF images (#15704)
  • Stability improvement for activation and license checking on certain systems (#15304)
  • Minor user interface improvement for the Document Imaging SDK installers (#15774)
  • Added the product name to the Manual Registration dialog (#15707)
  • Updated eLicense.dll to version 6.33.304
  • Updated BuRegister.dll to version 17.12.2886

DATE: 06-13-2022
Version: 13.00 (revision: 942)

  • OCR - Updated Tesseract to version 5.1.0 (#14991)
  • Annotation - It is now possible to select the text in Text and Note annotations using the mouse (#15209)
  • Annotation - Double clicking outside the selected Text or Note annotation no longer starts editing the annotation (#15187)
  • Annotation - Fixed resize handles not fully disappearing when deselecting multiple annotations (#15193)
  • Annotation - Fixed empty Text and Note annotations not disappearing when deselected (#15225)
  • Annotation - Fixed annotation selection sometimes leaving traces on the page in the Annotation C++ Sample (#15226)
  • Annotation - The border can now be disabled for Note annotations (#15269)
  • TIFF - Stability improvement for reading some non-standard JPEG compressed TIFF images that use the JPEGInterchangeFormat (513) and TileOffsets (324) TIFF tags. (#15218)

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