Black Ice Software - Print2Email 11.50 is released!
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Black Ice Software
Print2Email 11.50 is released!
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Black Ice Software is proud to release Print2Email 11.50, with several significant user interface enhancements to the Email to Fax window/functionality, improving the usability of the Print2Email.

Sending Faxes from the Print2Email was further simplified by Adding to the “Email to Fax” window access to the address books (either Outlook or local Print2Email Address Book) allow users to easily and quickly select destinations fax numbers or email addresses.
In addition, options were added to allow users to Edit, Remove, or Add a new contact to the Address Book with a single click.

A new feature was also added to Send Text-Only Email with PDF or TIFF attachments. When sending an email, the Print2Email inserts the content of the printed document into the email body and also adds the printed document as a PDF or TIFF attachment.

With the MSI installer, these new features are pre-configurable for every user. For the latest MSI Installers, please contact our sales team at

The Print2Email printer driver also has several significant enhancements for sending out faxes. Black Ice Software has released new Photo quality filters (dithering) to improve FAX resolution and produce high-quality and high-resolution Black & White images for faxing!
For technical details please see the version history notes below.

This is a recommended Print2Email update for customers who are using any Faxing features.

The complete list of improvements in the latest Print2Email includes the following:

DATE : 11-08-2021
Version : 11.50 (revision: 982)

  • Stability improvements for updating Print2Email using the MSI installer, if using the "Merge printed documents into a single email" option (#14548)
  • Added option to users to select the default address book to be Outlook or the Print2Email local address book for the "Email to Fax" window (#14555, #14450)
  • Added options to the Print2Email local address book to Edit contact, Add a contact or Remove contact during printing (#14554)
  • Stability improvement for creating Contact Groups in the Print2Email local address book (#14551)
  • Minor user interface improvement (fixed truncated text) for the Print2Email local address book (#14549)
  • Stability improvement for contacts disappearing from the Address Book (#14564)
  • The "Enable Users to generate debug log" option is turned on by default (#14542)
  • Added the USEP2EADDRESSBOOK parameter to the Print2Email MSI installers for turning on the "Use the Print2Email Address Book instead of the Outlook Address Book" option (#14568)
  • Added "Text-Only Email with attachment" option that inserts the printed document text to the email body and also attaches the generated PDF or other Printer Driver output file (#14425)
  • Updated Printer Driver to version 16.76.2730
    • Automatically optimize the Photo Quality (Dithering) settings for faxing when the "Create Faxable Image" option is used. (#14479)
    • Added "204x196 DPI Fine Fax Downscaled" option, to make small text in certain documents bolder for faxing. (#14479)
    • Added Floyd-Steinberg and Jarvis-Judice-Ninke high quality (larger file size) and low quality (smaller file size) dithering (#14457)
    • Removed "Custom resolution" item from the list of resolutions. Custom resolutions can be added by clicking the Edit Resolutions button. (#14440)
    • Added Ordered Clustered dithering method to the printer drivers (#14338)
    • Stability improvement for printing with the Euclid Symbol font (#14272)
    • Decreased file size and increased quality of 8-bit grayscale PDF output (#13873)
    • Stability improvement for printing into image formats with the "Enable advanced printing features" option disabled (#14217)
    • Added suffix to output file names when using the "Exact filename" option without the "Overwrite the existing file" option and the output file already exists (#13864)
    • Added "Do not show this message again" checkbox to the "Are you sure you would like to start merging" message box (#14573)
    • Stability improvement for opening the print job properties from the Print Queue window (#14566)
    • Updated BiImgUser.dll to version 12.84.843
    • Updated PDF DLLs to version
    • Updated TIFF DLL to version 12.83.819
    • Updated JPEG DLL to version 12.82.806
    • Updated eLicense.dll to version 6.23.286

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