Black Ice Software - BiBatchConverter 5.05 is released!
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Black Ice Software
BiBatchConverter 5.05 is released!
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Black Ice Software is proud to announce the new and completely redesigned BiBatchConverter with exciting new features and tons of improvements to help users convert documents more quickly and easily than ever before!

The latest BiBatchConverter comes with a shiny new User Interface, with a modern design and intuitive layout to help users easily adapt to the updated BiBatchConverter.

The latest BiBatchConverter comes with dozens of exciting new features, A few key features include:

  • Searchable Compact PDF - OCR File Format
    Users can now directly convert their scanned images to a searchable/editable PDF file with one single conversion using Optical Character Recognition. The printed PDF document will preserve the formatting, layout, and positions of the text from the original image.
  • Drag and Drop Files
    Users can now drag and drop documents to the BiBatchConverter user interface and start the conversion with a single click!
  • Conversion File List - Change Order, Remove or Add Files
    Users can review the selected documents, change the conversion order of the files, remove files from the list, or add more files to the conversion.
  • Simplified Merge Feature
    Users can enable (or disable) the “Merge Documents” feature directly on the BiBatchConverter User Interface with a single click!
  • New 64-bit version
    The new BiBatchConverter comes with separate 32-bit / 64-bit installers, to let customers take advantage of their system resources more efficiently. The 64-bit installer is smaller and offers improved installation speeds, which is vital for larger corporate environments.

The Directory Monitoring feature is available in the BiBatchConverter Service Manager, which provides more reliable and advanced document conversion for Windows Desktop and Server using a service-based conversion.

The complete list of improvements in the latest BiBatchConverter includes the following:

DATE: 12-01-2021
Version: 5.05 (revision: 734)

  • Redesigned BiBatchConverter application
  • Minor improvements in the Service Manager user interface (#14606, #14481, #14486)
  • Created separate installers (32 and 64-bit) for Windows 32 and 64-bit (#14575)
  • Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 is no longer supported.
  • Removed the BiBatchConverter Office Addon (#14414)
  • Added the "If the BiBatchConverter Service finds files in the "Monitored folder" that are not designed to be converted, the BiBatchConverter Service will move these files to the "Converterd (Output) folder"" feature to the BiBatchConverter Serice (#14610)
  • Added the BiBatchConverter service start mode information to the log file (#14463)
  • Added the "check the required applications at startup" feature to the BiBatchConverter Service, and BiBatchConverter desktop application (#14546, #14545)
  • Updated Printer Driver to version 16.76.2731
    • Added "Do not show this message again" checkbox to the "Are you sure you would like to start merging" message box (#14573)
    • Stability improvement for opening the print job properties from the Print Queue window (Error 400) (#14566)
    • Added "Searchable Compact PDF - OCR" file format that lets one create searchable PDF files from non-searchable documents (#14482)
    • Added Floyd-Steinberg and Jarvis-Judice-Ninke high quality (larger file size) and low quality (smaller file size) dithering (#14457)
    • Removed "Custom resolution" item from the list of resolutions. Custom resolutions can be added by clicking the Edit Resolutions button. (#14440)
    • Added Ordered Clustered dithering method to the printer drivers (#14338)
    • Stability improvement for printing with the Euclid Symbol font (#14272)
    • Added special Application Layer licensing for VDI installers (#14358)
    • Manual registrations are limited to the maintenance/subscription expiration date (#14264)
    • Updated BiImgUser.dll to version 12.84.843
    • Updated PDF DLLs to version
    • Updated eLicense.dll to version 6.23.286

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